Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tabletop Fashion

Before my bridesmaid stints, I had never given a second thought about table linens, never mind the role they can play in decor. I truly had no inkling that a talented individual had designed and created the linens before my eyes, and that another talented individual had use these linens to create the stylish tabletops and chairs I was seated at. The many weddings that I've been to have certainly changed my attitude! I now know that linens, if chosen carefully, can personalize your event and even set the event's tone,

Youngsong Martin, the owner of the L.A. based Wildflower Linen, not only designs luxury linens but also offers her services as a 'tabletop designer.' Here are some of Youngsong's designs:

Stunning right? Are you choosing to focus on linens to enhance the decor of your venue?

All images via Wildflower Linens


nancy said...

very pretty!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I know - they're gorgeous but something I'm soo not looking forward to dealing with when I plan a wedding (someday), because I just know something will go horribly wrong.

P.S. I tagged you on my blog, in case you're interested!

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