Friday, February 27, 2009

Anne Barge Trunk Show in Toronto


Friday, February 27 & Saturday, February 28

White Toronto (
19 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, ON. M5R 2E1
Tel: 416 849 9196 /
Call to make an appointment.

To see Anne Barge's 2009 collection, visit

Frugal Fridays: Bridesmaids Dresses on a Budget

This August will mark my 6th stint as a maid, so trust me, when I tell you I understand the importance of finding an affordable bridesmaid dress. The first time I went bridesmaid dress shopping, I was more concerned about the style of the dress and how I would look in the dress than the attached price tag. Six years later, I can unequivocally tell you that the price tag trumps the style of the dress! Maids - listen up. Chances are, you probably won't wear your dress again (I re-wore one dress, one time) so don't fight your bride on the style of dress. Yes, you're wearing it but it's one day, a day honouring your close friend, so save your opinions for the price tag discussion. Your bank account will thank you. Brides - keep in mind that your girls may be in other weddings or have other expenses so try to be upfront about costs with them from the get-go. This way, you and your girls can get a sense of the parameters you're working with.

Here are some bridesmaid dresses I found that are under $200.

David's Bridal -
A leader in providing affordable attire for the whole wedding party, David's Bridal has over 280 stores and offers online shopping, making it a convenient choice for many maids. I hear David's service leaves something to be desired, so keep in mind that you may have to sacrifice quality service for a little more change in the coin purse.

David's Bridal - US $120

Sears Canada -
This one is for my Canadian peeps. Though there isn't a lot of variety in its inventory, Sears does offer bridesmaid attire. Who knew? Simple, elegant, and you can't beat the price point. - CDN $129.99

Marciano -
Marciano, Guess' more glamorous sister, usually has fun and flirty cocktail dresses that can serve double duty as coordinating bridesmaids dresses.

Marciano- CDN $194.99

Nordstrom -
Ever since my cousin's wedding, I've a big fan of JS Boutique. Available at Nordstrom's, JS Boutiques dresses are extremely affordable, easy to order and fit like a glove. I wore something similar to the dress below. To this day, I still thank my cousin for picking JS Boutique.

Nordstrom- JS Couture - US $98.00

I love the sale section at There are usually a ton of cute party dresses that can substitute in as dresses for bridesmaids. Here are two that caught my eye:

Nordstrom - ABS by Allen Schwartz - US $169.90

Nordstrom - Maggy London - US $91.90

Where did you find your budget-friendly bridesmaids dresses?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

NEW La Senza Bridal Lingerie

A Free Wedding!!!

I know, too good to be true! The catch? You have to be willing to get married in Atlanta, Georgia, and limit your guest list to 50 guests. One of my favourite sites, Once Wed, is one of the sponsors. Click here for more info!

Love Rocks.

Dear BF,

Hint. Hint. Hint.

ME :)

The "six-random-things-about-me-six-things-that-make-me-smile-10-c-letter-things-I-like list" Tag

My first tag and boy is it a doozie! Kudos to K @ Blog Goggles for coming up with this challenge. I highly recommend you visit her site to see the latest fashion trends from both sides of the Pacific (K is currently in Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities)!

So in no particular order, here's my list:

1. Canada - I AM Canadian! And yes I love Tim Horton's, say 'aboot' and 'oout' (even though I swear I'm saying 'about' and 'out'), love bacon and maple syrup, sometimes call the garbage disposal the garbarator, believe in universal health care, and j'aime le poutine.

2. California - For the last year and half, a fraction of my wardrobe has been residing stateside, more specifically, Venice Beach, California. The BF was born and raised in LA. We met through mutual friends and somehow we were crazy enough to agree to do LD (long distance). We see each other quite a bit for a LD couple - approximately every 3 weeks.

3. Cupcakes - I love cupcakes so much that I devoted a post on Monday to them.

4. Croatia - I spent my birthday in 2007 frolicking on the beaches of Croatia. If you want to go somewhere different with untouched beaches, rich culture and history, and is not overrun with tourists, I highly recommend Croatia. Dubrovnik, Croatia's capital, is so romantic and is the perfect place for a honeymoon.

Lopud Island, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

5. Chile - On my list of places to see since my favorite red wine Casillero Del Diablo's Camenere, is from there -

6. Christian Louboutin - I covet his shoes. Today's favourite:

7. Cheese - I love cheese, any kind of cheese. One of my favourite indulgences is a cheese plate paired with some nice red wine. The BF loves when I make 'Baked Brie' (lather brie in red pepper jelly, then wrap the brie in Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough - lather some red pepper jelly on the dough too before you wrap the brie, bake for about 15-20 mins or until golden brown on 385F).

8. Chanel - Another thing I covet. Elegant, classy and timeless.

9. Coldplay - One of my favourite bands. Have you checked out their website? Best band website EVER.

Taken at their free concert at Madison Square Garden last June

10. Champagne - Need I say more?

Phew! Made it. Happy Thursday!

I tag my fellow Canadian bloggers - be sure to drop by their blogs:

Krista @ Canadian Bride

Miss Want @ but I want it

Nicole @ Nicole and Jesse

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tabletop Fashion

Before my bridesmaid stints, I had never given a second thought about table linens, never mind the role they can play in decor. I truly had no inkling that a talented individual had designed and created the linens before my eyes, and that another talented individual had use these linens to create the stylish tabletops and chairs I was seated at. The many weddings that I've been to have certainly changed my attitude! I now know that linens, if chosen carefully, can personalize your event and even set the event's tone,

Youngsong Martin, the owner of the L.A. based Wildflower Linen, not only designs luxury linens but also offers her services as a 'tabletop designer.' Here are some of Youngsong's designs:

Stunning right? Are you choosing to focus on linens to enhance the decor of your venue?

All images via Wildflower Linens

Pre-Loved Melissa Sweet's Lia For Sale in Toronto

Click on the image for more information.

via Once Wed

10 Ways to Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

Have less to spend on your wardrobe during this economic downturn? Want to maximize your fashion dollar? Read this article from for some helpful tips!

via frugal fashionista

Hot Pink & Black Inspiration in Vancouver

Sweet Pea Photography's capture of Emily and Devin's wedding in Vancouver last summer landed Sweet Pea's photos on the pages of Grace Ormond's Wedding Style Magazine. Emily and Devin were wed at St. Andrew’s Wesley church and had their reception at the Crystal Pavilion - Pan Pacific Hotel. The bride wore a breathtaking tulle & organza Vera Wang gown.

The tall hot pink floral centrepieces with the crystal garlands are a perfect contrast against the black table linens and white dinnerware.

The pink hued lighting combined with the dramatic chandeliers makes Emily and Devin's wedding a luxurious affair.

All images from Sweet Pea Photography. To see more pictures, visit Sweet Pea Photography's blog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

I'm obsessed with cupcakes. It all started with having my very first taste of red velvet cake at a wedding last August. That let me to hunt down the cake vendor which turned out to be Vanilla Bake Shop, famous for its cupcakes and cupcake babies. As soon as I found out that Vanilla Bake Shop was located in Santa Monica ('my part of town' as the BF says), I dragged the BF to its quaint store with damask awning. Once inside I 'oohed and aahed' over the rows upon rows of cupcakes - red velvet, vanilla bean, banana chocolate chip, toasted coconut. Yummy! Since my first visit to Vanilla Bake Shop, the BF and I have tried almost all 20 something cupcake flavours - red velvet being my ultimate fave.

When I told my cousin Dottie about Vanilla Bake Shop, she told me that I had to try Sprinkles. Claiming to be the 'original cupcake bakery,' Sprinkles is seen by many as the leader of the cupcake invasion (well, at least on the west coast). Celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Katie Holmes to the domestic goddess herself, Martha Stewart have endorsed Sprinkles as a favourite. So of course, I dragged the BF to Sprinkles' Beverly Hills location, and waited 15 minutes in line (apparently, there is often a line, especially on weekends) before we took a bite of the famous cupcakes. We tried the red velvet (of course!) and the special Halloween flavour, apple caramel. The red velvet was good but I still prefer the one from Vanilla Bake Shop. The apple caramel was sooooo yummy. I'm sad that it isn't a regular flavour. I'd like to go back and try some other flavours like: ginger lemon, chai latte, pumpkin and brown sugar praline (this year's Easter special). The only one downside to the Sprinkles menu, no mini cupcakes. I love my baby cupcakes!


This past Valentine's Day, my cousin (yes we share a mutual love of cupcakes) bought me cupcakes from Dot's Cupcakes, which just opened a store in Old Town Pasadena. Dot's has the usual suspects, red velvet, vanilla, chocolate and carrot but it also serves some unique flavours such as pina colada, strawberry lemonade and PB & banana. I have to say I was impressed! I tried Dot's red velvet, and vanilla cupcakes, and both were delicious and moist. The icing on the cupcake? They have mini cupcakes!

How cute is the Valentine's Day frosting?

And you can't discuss cupcakes without bringing up NYC's Magnolia Bakery. Magnolia first opened its doors on Bleecker Street in 1996, originally selling bread, cakes and other pastries. Magnolia's foray into cupcakes started with its vanilla cupcakes with thick vanilla buttercream icing, tinted pink. According to Wikipedia, Magnolia owes its cupcake success partially to the many people walking by the bakery late at night who would see the cupcakes being iced by the owners, and begged to have one. And who could forget Carrie and Miranda devouring Magnolia cupcakes on Sex and the City? Magnolia cupcakes are amazing..... especially at 12:00am on a Friday night/Saturday morning after a few drinks. ;)

Fresh from the oven!

I have yet to attend a wedding which served cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake; but I already know I would love it! Look at these wedding cupcake towers. Serving double duty as both a wedding cake and decor (or even as favours), wedding cupcakes are sure to tantalize your wedding guests' sweet tooth.

From left to right: Martha Stewart Weddings, Dot's Cupcakes, and Vanilla Bake Shop

Interestingly, I havent' really explored the cupcakes of Toronto (perhaps research to do for a later post). My friend Christine makes amazing ones and it's hard to believe anything else could be better!

She made these for our friend's 30th birthday.

So where is your favourite cupcake place? Your favourite flavour?

Oscar Fashion Favourites

Did you watch last night? Hugh Jackman was pretty good no? I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed how they decided to have past winners address each acting nominee. Very touching. What a night for Slumdog Millionaire - 8 Oscars. I must admit that I failed miserably this year at catching any of the Best Pictures nominees. Regardless, the best part of the Oscars for me is the parade of gowns and last night did not disappoint. It looks like light hues such as cream, silver, white, champagne and SJP's 'barely mint' will be the 'it' colours this spring. Here are my picks for 'best dressed':

Natalie Portman could be wearing a garbage bag and she would still ooze beauty. Dressed in this flowy pink Rodarte gown, last night was no exception for Natalie.

Marisa Tomei makes 44 look fabulous. I love women who age gracefully. Her silver Versace gown is very futuristic looking with its many pleats and folds.

Best Supporting Actress Penelope Cruz decided to go vintage for her winning night. Dressed in a 60 year old Balmain gown with lace and tulle, Penelope certainly makes a girl want to scour some vintage shops.

Best Actress winner Kate Winslet's Yves St. Laurent gown isn't exactly my cup of tea but I think it suits Kate's hourglass body so well. Also, I like the gown's asymmetry and dark hue - it definitely stood out amongst the light coloured dresses. Btw - how cute was her dad when he whistled during Kate's speech?!

Unfortunately, there are always 'misses' on Oscar night. Now I do want to state for the record that I certainly do appreciate ladies who take a risk and don something unique, but sometimes fugly is just fugly.

Oh Miley. Why can't you dress age appropriate?


We all know Jessica Biel has a rockin' bod. So why is she hiding under this toga?


And my vote for the Oscar gown that can double as a wedding gown goes to.....

Melissa George's D&G gown! The corest top with the fishtail bottom would look great on a modern glam bride. (Although you'd probably have trouble sitting, walking or dancing in this dress.)

Which gowns were your favourites? Which ones did you find 'interesting'?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I want Dita Von Teese's outfit!

The shoes, the capri's, the purse. (Even the car!) I love it! True vintage glam

Oscars 2009

Are you going to watch tonight? At least to see the dresses right? Should be interesting with Brangelina attending. Can you already hear the insane screaming? I'm looking forward to seeing what Kate Winslet will wear. She's been looking great this awards season. Here is my favourite gown from last year's awards. Happy Oscar watching!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Canada's Wedding Expo: This Saturday and Sunday

Over 350 wedding vendors will be exhibiting their wares & services at this Expo!

Toronto Congress Centre North
650 Dixon Road,Toronto, Ontario, M9W 1J1.

Saturday, February 21, 2009 ........... 10am to 9pm
Sunday February 22, 2009.................10am to 6pm

$15 per person


A Whistler Wedding

I've never been to Whistler and have always wanted to go. After seeing these pictures, I want to get married there! Did I mention I don't ski and hate snow? Mariza & Charlie were married on the rooftop of the Fairmount Whistler. To see more from this wedding, check out Chris+Lynn, photographers based in Vancouver, BC.

How cool is this photo? Looks like it was ripped from the pages of a fashion mag!
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