Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashion Favourites

Did you watch last night? Hugh Jackman was pretty good no? I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed how they decided to have past winners address each acting nominee. Very touching. What a night for Slumdog Millionaire - 8 Oscars. I must admit that I failed miserably this year at catching any of the Best Pictures nominees. Regardless, the best part of the Oscars for me is the parade of gowns and last night did not disappoint. It looks like light hues such as cream, silver, white, champagne and SJP's 'barely mint' will be the 'it' colours this spring. Here are my picks for 'best dressed':

Natalie Portman could be wearing a garbage bag and she would still ooze beauty. Dressed in this flowy pink Rodarte gown, last night was no exception for Natalie.

Marisa Tomei makes 44 look fabulous. I love women who age gracefully. Her silver Versace gown is very futuristic looking with its many pleats and folds.

Best Supporting Actress Penelope Cruz decided to go vintage for her winning night. Dressed in a 60 year old Balmain gown with lace and tulle, Penelope certainly makes a girl want to scour some vintage shops.

Best Actress winner Kate Winslet's Yves St. Laurent gown isn't exactly my cup of tea but I think it suits Kate's hourglass body so well. Also, I like the gown's asymmetry and dark hue - it definitely stood out amongst the light coloured dresses. Btw - how cute was her dad when he whistled during Kate's speech?!

Unfortunately, there are always 'misses' on Oscar night. Now I do want to state for the record that I certainly do appreciate ladies who take a risk and don something unique, but sometimes fugly is just fugly.

Oh Miley. Why can't you dress age appropriate?


We all know Jessica Biel has a rockin' bod. So why is she hiding under this toga?


And my vote for the Oscar gown that can double as a wedding gown goes to.....

Melissa George's D&G gown! The corest top with the fishtail bottom would look great on a modern glam bride. (Although you'd probably have trouble sitting, walking or dancing in this dress.)

Which gowns were your favourites? Which ones did you find 'interesting'?


Krista said...

Oh, my favourites were Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Aniston. Not the type of dress I normally gravitate towards, but my gosh they both looked stunning!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

OOh, that's right, I forgot about Jennifer Aniston. She always looks great.

Mo said...

Oh dear. Poor Miley Cyrus.
I second Anne Hathaway--she looked lovely in that sparkling gown.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Overall, I wasn't a fan of the fashion this year. Natalie's was the best, but that color was not great.

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