Thursday, February 26, 2009

The "six-random-things-about-me-six-things-that-make-me-smile-10-c-letter-things-I-like list" Tag

My first tag and boy is it a doozie! Kudos to K @ Blog Goggles for coming up with this challenge. I highly recommend you visit her site to see the latest fashion trends from both sides of the Pacific (K is currently in Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities)!

So in no particular order, here's my list:

1. Canada - I AM Canadian! And yes I love Tim Horton's, say 'aboot' and 'oout' (even though I swear I'm saying 'about' and 'out'), love bacon and maple syrup, sometimes call the garbage disposal the garbarator, believe in universal health care, and j'aime le poutine.

2. California - For the last year and half, a fraction of my wardrobe has been residing stateside, more specifically, Venice Beach, California. The BF was born and raised in LA. We met through mutual friends and somehow we were crazy enough to agree to do LD (long distance). We see each other quite a bit for a LD couple - approximately every 3 weeks.

3. Cupcakes - I love cupcakes so much that I devoted a post on Monday to them.

4. Croatia - I spent my birthday in 2007 frolicking on the beaches of Croatia. If you want to go somewhere different with untouched beaches, rich culture and history, and is not overrun with tourists, I highly recommend Croatia. Dubrovnik, Croatia's capital, is so romantic and is the perfect place for a honeymoon.

Lopud Island, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

5. Chile - On my list of places to see since my favorite red wine Casillero Del Diablo's Camenere, is from there -

6. Christian Louboutin - I covet his shoes. Today's favourite:

7. Cheese - I love cheese, any kind of cheese. One of my favourite indulgences is a cheese plate paired with some nice red wine. The BF loves when I make 'Baked Brie' (lather brie in red pepper jelly, then wrap the brie in Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough - lather some red pepper jelly on the dough too before you wrap the brie, bake for about 15-20 mins or until golden brown on 385F).

8. Chanel - Another thing I covet. Elegant, classy and timeless.

9. Coldplay - One of my favourite bands. Have you checked out their website? Best band website EVER.

Taken at their free concert at Madison Square Garden last June

10. Champagne - Need I say more?

Phew! Made it. Happy Thursday!

I tag my fellow Canadian bloggers - be sure to drop by their blogs:

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Nicole @ Nicole and Jesse

1 comment:

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I love your list!

And Croatia - I'm so jealous - I've wanted to go there for so long! It's definitely on my life list of places to visit.

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