Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fergalicious Footwear?

I know, you're probably thinking the same thing I am - another celebrity shoe collection? At first glance, I'm thinking, not bad. I didn't see anything for over a $100 on the official website.
Nothing really jumped out at me either. What do you think?

A Calgary Wedding On Style Me Pretty

Just in case you haven't seen it yet....apparently, it was budget-friendly as well!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Video or Music Video?

I found this Same Day Edit clip by dvArtistry over at LA Style Unveiled. Although it's not something I would want, it's amazingly well done, and I love the Metallica cover the video is synced to (though, the song majorly depresses me). I sent the link to the BF and he asked in retort, "When did wedding videos become music videos?" LOL. I think the BF may have a point. Anyways, I'm fine with admiring such work via the blogosphere. Thoughts?

joe + shelly - montecito country club same day edit
from Daniel Boswell on Vimeo.

I'm (almost) a Homeowner!!

Well, actually more like I'm a mortgagor, and the bank is the homeowner. Regardless, in just over 6 weeks, I'll be moving into my first home! YAY. So long rental housing, hello condo ownership! I just signed the mortgage papers last week which made it feel a bit more real (b/c I'm pretty sure I signed away my firstborn). It won't feel completely real until I'm settled in the new place. So much to do before then! Basically, I have six weeks to deal with more paperwork, talk to my lawyer, line up contractors, pack, unpack, notify the phone, cable companies, etc. of the address change........what did I get myself into??? Sigh. Deep breath. One step at a time, right?

My first chore is to "de-clutter and purge", as per the BF. You see, I'm a bona fide pack rat. I'm sure I could pull out the macaroni-art jewelery box that I made for my Mom in grade one (my mom wouldn't still have it cuz she throws everything away, and I probably rescued it from the trash). So you can probably understand why the BF wants me to start going through my things and 'purge.' He claims he's only seen me wear about half of the clothes in my closet. (whatev BF!).

See? Even Nicole Ritche has a bit of a messy closet!
Image via NicoleRichieFashion

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that my first 'purge' task is my closet. Where do I begin? Lucky for me, I found this very helpful article on

My new mantra will be this line from the article "[i]f the clothes don’t fit, have holes, are out of style or just don’t represent your personality anymore, get rid of them! Don’t reminisce about days and sales of yore – no matter what the price tag or the memory (third-base), discard of it." So much easier said than done!

Do you have any suggestions/tips/advice for me on 'de-cluttering' or on the first-time home buying process? Thanks in advance!

Do Discount Designer Duds Make The Grade?

You already know I love the Target designer lines. Unfortunately, I can't really comment on the quality as compared to the 'original' collection. I just assume the Target collection is made of less expensive else could they offer the products at such a desirable price? Check out this Wall Street Journal article, "Do Discount Designer Duds Make the Grade" where industry experts are put to test and asked to pick out the "cheap-chic clothes from expensive-chic clothes." Very interesting!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Rainy Day Pick-Me-Up

It's grey and wet in the again, and it doesn't help that my sinuses are killing me! Anyways, I temporarily paused my self-pitying when I saw this lovely photo by Kevin Lam pop up in my reader. Gorgeous no? More pics on Kevin's blog.

My Favourite Wedding of All Time (well, of the Moment)

I'm sure everyone has now seen this Retro Hollywood Glam Wedding on Style Me Pretty; but I want to post about it because I am SO in love with every detail of this wedding! From the colours, to the flowers, to the invites, to the bride's dress....LOVE it all! Head over to Style Me Pretty to see more pics!

via Style Me Pretty

The Little Black Bridesmaid Dress

God bless my friend A. I'm in her wedding this summer and she's letting us gals wear any dress we want so long as it's black. Isn't she the best bride EVER?! I do have a LBD that I could wear to A's wedding but I decided to take this opportunity to upgrade since I have a few formal events this year. Here are some I found online (click on image for more deets):

I adore this dress but it's a little out of my price range. The flutter sleeves are so dainty.

Carmen Marc Valvo - US $357

The price is right on this one! Just not sure about the pleats.
Marciano- CDN $194.99

You know how I feel about this one; but the price isn't so budget friendly.
Vera Wang 'Maid to Order' - US $300

How cute is this ruffled halter neck dress? And lovin' the price.
Adrianna Papell- US$198

I love a sweetheart neckline! Great price for a Vera.
Vera Wang Lavender Label - US$188.99

One-shoulder is all the rage right now. Not sure about the shape (since I have no waist).
Vera Wang Lavender Label - US$197

Very romantic but is it appropriate for bridal party wear?

Which one do you like the best?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Salma Hayek Changes My Mind about Poufy

Salma Hayek's dress is just stunning and fits her like a glove. I'm definitely not a 'ballgown' type of girl (for one thing I'm vertically challenged at 5"1) but Salma has me thinking differently. Salma is petite as well, about 5"2 according to most sources, but she totally owns this dress! And her waist looks SO tiny. Do you like Salma's dress?

Favour/Place Card DIY Idea

How cute are these pegs made by Stacey of Staceydotdot? They're also fridge magnets! Cool idea for all you DIYers out there. Don't have the time or want a Staceydotdot original? Head over to Staceydotdot's Etsy store!

All images via

Say Yes to the Dress

Do you watch TLC's Say Yes to the Dress? I sheepishly admit it's on my tivo/PVR line up. I love looking at all the dress candy, but I also find the business side of the wedding gown industry very interesting. Until I watched Say Yes To Dress I used to think it would be so fun to go into a 'high end' bridal store and try on a zillion dresses. Now I realize that might not be the nicest thing to do since I would be taking up some poor sales lady's time who's merely try to make a living. (Don't worry, I haven't gone soft on ya, I don't sympathize with the wedding industry that much.) Anyways, Kleinfeld, the 'star' of Say Yes to the Dress is having one of its famed sample sales tomorrow. As seen in previous Say Yes to the Dress episodes, brides line up as early as 9AM for the 3PM sale. Have you lined up for a sample sale? Would you line up for the Kleinfeld's sale?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Barbara Kua Calligraphy - Wedding Photos

As promised, here is some photo candy from Barbara Kua's wedding. Wasn't she a beautiful bride?!! And how stunning is her Justina McCaffrey gown?

Thank you Barbara for sharing your pictures with us! I leave you with one last picture. Barbara took this picture on her honeymoon. Any ideas where she went? For the answer, head on over to Barbara's blog.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holt Renfrew Contest

Calling all fashionistas in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver! Holt Renfrew is looking for a 'contemporary correspondent in all 3 cities. Each grand prize winner will win: a $1000 wardrobe; a Sony VAIO notebook; and the opportunity to attend exclusive Holt events/parties, and be their correspondent until the end of the year. Pretty cool huh? For more information, click on the image above.

*P.S. For my non-CDN peeps, fyi-Holt's is a Canadian luxury department store.
*P.P.S. I`ve got a cold and Ì`m house-bound, so hence the Saturday night post.

Maid to Order by Vera Wang

Have you heard??!! Vera Wang has launched her online 'Maid to Order' Dress Collection! I adore Vera (yes, we're on a first name basis). Her style is always elegant, glamourous and chic. Although I've never had the privilege of wearing one of Vera's bridesmaid dresses, I'm pretty sure I would 'wear it again!' In fact, I would wear any of Vera's 'Maids' gowns to a formal affair as none of them scream 'bridesmaid.' Here are some of the dresses exclusive the 'Maid to Order' collection.





So for those of you who have bridesmaids spread around the country (or the world), don't fret. You can still have your girls dressed in style courtesy of Vera Wang. Each dress is made to order and will take approximately 8 weeks to be delivered. Vera Wang does provide fabric swatches, to a maximum of 4 colours. Dresses range from US$200-300. Note that the dresses in the 'Maid to Order' are only available online. Visit to view all the dresses.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Feature Friday: Barbara Kua Calligraphy

Barbara Kua left a comment on my blog a couple of months ago, and boy am I glad she did! Otherwise, I would not have discovered her beautiful calligraphy. As you may have noticed, calligraphy has made a comeback in recent years, having been on the back burner due to modern technology and affordable home printers. I've always wanted to learn calligraphy, but due to my poor handwriting skills and lack of patience, this goal has never materialized. Lucky for me (and you too!), talented calligraphers like Barbara are here to save the day. Below is my 'interview' with Barbara.

How did you get into calligraphy?

My mother is an art teacher so I grew up drawing and painting in her studio. So I guess you can say I've always had an interest in art and all things creative. I was ten when I received my first calligraphy set, which was a beginner set with a fountain pen. I used this set to address my own wedding invitations. I had such a fun time doing so that I decided to pursue calligraphy as a potential business. I started off with referrals and began experimenting with improved calligraphy pens and inks to develop my own script styles. I used the business and technology knowledge gained from my university days to develop my website and here I am today.

Many couples are opting to use computer-generated calligraphy to save money. How do you compete with that?

I understand calligraphy is not for everyone. Weddings can be quite expensive and calligraphy may just be one of the first things cut from most budgets. I try not to compete since I think handwritten calligraphy is something totally different. Calligraphy adds a personal touch and a warmth that a computer just can't provide. Your wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding and are your guests' first glimpse into your event style. I truly believe that when you invite your guests to the grandest party you may ever throw, it is nice to have a personal touch, especially with today's wide use of emails and evites.

How can a couple incorporate calligraphy into their wedding?

There are many ways to incorporate calligraphy into a wedding. Most couples start off by having their invitations addressed. From there, calligraphy can be incorporated into the reception with seating cards or seating charts, cake signs, favour tags and table numbers. You can also have a calligrapher pen your menu or program and have them offset printed to reduce costs. And don't forget about having your thank you notes addressed by a calligrapher after your wedding.

I love your style "Ashley." How do you come up with new styles? Which one is your favourite?


I start off by playing around with letters. Some styles are spawns of other styles and some are hybrids. Once I'm happy with a style, I then write out the entire alphabet so I have it as a reference for when I am performing the lettering for my clients. I've tried to develop various styles, from contemporary to whimsical and elegant so there is a script for all types of weddings. My favourite style is Emily. It's feminine, and I'm a total girly-girl.


Will you work with a couple to customize an original style?

Definitely. I'm constantly trying to develop new font styles so I'm up for any challenge!

On average, how long does it take you to address wedding invitations?

Some of my styles are more time consuming than others, but on average 100 addresses can take a full day to complete. For this reason, I'd recommend that couples interested in hiring a calligrapher reserve a spot on their calendar early on. They may be disappointed if their favourite calligrapher is not available when they’re ready for their stationery to be penned.

What's the most unusual request you've received?

Since I'm relatively new in the wedding industry I haven't had any unusual requests just yet. I'm looking forward to such requests though as they'll probably involve much more creativity!

Thank you Barbara! For more information on Barbara Kua's services, please visit her website and/or blog. You can also follow Barbara Kua Calligraphy on Twitter. (Note: Don't fret if don't live in the Toronto area, Barbara works with couples from all locales. Email her for more details,

Where are Barbara's wedding photos that I promised, you ask? Check back this weekend to see them!! (I know, I'm such a tease). Enjoy your Friday.

All images via Barbara Kua Calligraphy

Hmmm...Coffee Snob, no more?

Well, my friends, after your comments on Mickey D's coffee not being so bad, the Professional Bridesmaid threw caution to the wind and tried a cup this morning. The verdict? Not bad! It's no Tim Horton's, but not bad at all. And it's FREE (well for 2 weeks). As you can see, I also purchased a McGriddle sandwich to go with the coffee. Couldn't resist. I'm still an espresso drinker but I do have to say....don't knock it until you tried it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MyPublisher Giveaway on iDIY

via iDIY

Some of you know that I'm avid fan of iDIY. They have the best DIY ideas, tutorials and freebies. Well, now iDIY is throwing the best giveaway. Head on over there to find out how you can win a $40 gift certificate to MyPublisher. Good luck!

Sneak Peek: Feature Friday

Interested in having your invitations addressed by a calligrapher? Not really sure how calligraphy works? Come by tomorrow for my interview with Toronto-based calligrapher Barbara Kua, who will answer such questions and more! Bonus: Barbara is a recent bride and will be sharing some of her wedding photos.

I Admit it, I'm a Coffee Snob

Good ol' Mickey D's in Canada is offering free coffee during breakfast hours for two weeks. McDonald's rationale is that they'll get customers 'hooked' on their coffee after the two weeks. Not a bad marketing ploy and who doesn't like free? Especially in these bleak economic times (with Starbucks closing down outlets.) Here's the thing, I am a full out coffee snob. I prefer drinking lattes over brewed coffee, and when I do have brewed coffee, I'm very partial to Tim Horton's (Canada's national treasure, well, other than hockey). My favourite place in Toronto for a latte is the Bulldog Cafe. It's a bit of a trek for me to get there but once a week, I wake up a little earlier, leave the house a little earlier, just to taste this:

via Bulldog Cafe

I kid you not, it is PURE heaven. Perfect way to start the day. So now you know why, that while FREE is good, I just can't do it cuz I'm a coffee snob.

Would you go and get the free coffee? Or are you a cafe snob like me?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eco-Chic in Vancouver

When I first saw photos of this wedding on Project Wedding, it dawned on me that having a 'green wedding' or an 'eco-chic' wedding doesn't mean sacrificing personal style (i.e. you don't have be 'hippie' or 'bohemian' to have a 'green wedding'). How cute are Jessica and Anthony? You can instantly gauge their sassy style! Jessica and Anthony were married on the University of British Columbia Farm and had their reception catered by Savoury Chef Foods Catering Company who managed to provide fare that met the standards of the 100 Mile Diet.

To see more pictures of this affair, hop on over to Project Wedding by clicking the photo below.

Happy Earth Day!

In honour of Earth Day I'm devoting this post to ways to have a 'green wedding.' Many people equate having a 'green wedding' with more work and/or more cash (including yours truly until recently!). What many couples don't realize is that it doesn't take much effort to have a 'green wedding.' And no, you don't have to pull a Barbara Haddrill, who traveled from Wales to Australia via land and sea to be a bridesmaid. Here are some much simpler ways you can think green on your big day:

1) Choosing a Green Location

Your venue choice will likely have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint. If possible, pick a venue that is convenient for the majority of your guests to travel to, thus minimizing transportation fuel and energy. Consider having your ceremony, reception or both in a natural setting such as your favourite park or winery. By doing so you can eliminate your energy output by taking advantage of natural light while saving on decor costs since you're be surrounded by the natural flowers, shrubs and trees.

Beth and Devin's Vineyard Wedding in Vineland, ON

If you're brave enough to go 'greener', think about looking into venues that are 'green venues' such as the SmogShoppe in Culver City, CA. SmogShoppe is a renovated automotive centre that has enough solar panels to generate over 100% of its annual electrical needs! They don't call themselves 'LA's greenest urban oasis' for nothing. I'll let its decor speak for itself.

via SmogShoppe

2) Choose Local Vendors
and Local Products

Most couples work with local vendors anyways so this is really one the easier ways to go 'green.' Things you might want to think about when choosing your vendors:

- Does your vendor use local suppliers, products, and/or materials? For example, inquire with your florist as to which flowers are in bloom in your area at the time of your wedding.
-Does your caterer use organic foods or foods grown locally?
-Can you incorporate in-season fruits and vegetables into your menu?
-Are your invitations/programs printed on recycled paper? Have you considered using plantable paper?
-Have you checked out local dress designers? How about having your dress custom-made using eco-friendly materials? Perhaps going 'vintage' and wearing something 'pre-loved'? Or buying a dress from an eco-friendly designer? For example designer Adele Wechsler (a Canadian designer) has an 'Eco-Couture' collection. Check out Misty below. She's made from vegetable dyed silk.

3) Donations Rather than Favours

Not only is this eco-friendly but it's time-friendly as well. You can even donate to an organization that promotes environmental awareness or protects/preserves the environment such as the Sierra Club.

4) Having your Wedding Party Choose Duds that They'll Wear Again

This is my favourite recommendation! ;) See if your bridal party can 'buy off the rack' dresses/suits that they can wear again to another event. Groomsmen can also go 'green' by renting their suites or tuxes.

Do you have any 'green' wedding suggestions?

For more ideas on going 'green', check out these articles that I used as resources for this post.

The Top 5 Misconception About Planning A Green Wedding

How To Have A Green Wedding

10 Steps To A Green Wedding

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Win A Frock!

Attention all Canucks! Finally a contest that you can participate in!

Frocks, a Canadian retailer for the modern bridesmaid, is currently hosting a 'Too Good to Be True' contest. With stores in both Vancouver and Calgary, Frocks was founded by Catherine Staveley and Deb Viccars who wanted to find and offer bridesmaid styles that truly could be 'worn again.' Frocks' bridesmaid collection includes Jenny Yoo, Thread and Simple Silhouettes. Frocks also carry bridal gowns for those brides looking for a simple but elegant dress.

One of Frocks' newest offering is their 'off the rack' line. The 'off the rack' line will allow those fasionistas who need a new frock but are in a time-crunch to purchase a frock right on the spot! Ergo, the Contest. Frocks need YOU to pick out which dresses to stock for this line. Head on over to Frocks' blog, Frocks Talks to view the dresses, pick your top 3 and enter! (Note: You'll have to join Twitter in order to participate).

My 3 choices are:

via Frock Talks

*If dress #6 looks familiar I'm pretty sure it's the dress Brandy at Something Weddings posted but in white (and she tried on the red one) . Let us know Brandy!

A Few of My Favourite Things.....

Yesterday was a grey and rainy one in the, so depressing. (Just to rub salt in the ol' wound, the BF was telling me that it was 100F in La La land, oh the joys of doing LD aka long distance.)

Anyways, as Maria sang in The Sound of Music, I came home from work, kicked off my shoes and 'remembered' my favourite things. One of my newest favourite things is my Felix Rey for Target Gold Canvas Tote.

How cute is she? And she was only US$39.99. I do enjoy the Target designer partnerships!

If you're not familiar with the Felix Rey brand, visit their website to see more of their goodies. Felix Rey was founded in 2001 by Lily Rafii Band and Sulaika Zarrouk. According to the Felix Rey website, Lily and Sulaika named their luxury accessories brand "[a]fter Doctor Felix Rey who tended to Vincent Van Gogh after he cut off a portion of his ear and was admitted to an asylum. The two men befriended each other and Van Gogh painted a portrait of the doctor in lieu of payment for his services. Felix Rey, meaning “Happy King”, is a pseudonym Lily and Sulaika chose to personify their brand ."

Here are some of the handbags (and one super cute headband!) from Felix Rey's latest collection:

Can you tell I love the clutches? Click on the product to view more details.

To see more of the Felix Rey for Target collection, click here.

*All images via Felix Rey
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