Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blog Love: Suzie Foods

I love cooking. It actually relaxes me (or is it the wine that I drink while I'm cooking?). The problem is that I find it difficult to cook for just one person. So I tend to cook on the weekends and freeze a lot. (And I tend to eat a lot of salads.) The most common money saving tip you will hear, especially during tough economic times, is to 'eat at home.' Pretty practical advice but I'd imagine for those of you who lead pretty busy, on the go lives, it's hard to implement this advice. I mean, how do you find the time in your busy schedule to make something yummy AND healthy on a tight budget? Answer? Suzie Foods. One of my new favourite blogs, Suzie Foods' tag line is Healthy Eating, Cheap and Easy. Bingo! This week, Suzie (aka Suzanne Casamento) is sharing her Granny's meatball recipe (interesting tidbit: Suzie's Granny actually went on a date with Frank Sinatra!). Don't they look yummy?

click on the image for the recipe

For more healthy food recipes, visit Suzie Foods.

P.S. Her guacamole recipe is amazing!

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