Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kim and Trevor's 'Highlights' Video

kimmie + trevor's highlights // toronto from StillMotion on Vimeo.

You've seen the Same Day Edit (SDE) that StillMotion prepared for Kim and Trevor's wedding. Now you can see their 'Highlights' video. What's the difference you ask? Here is the explanation provided by StillMotion on its blog......

"[H]ere is a brief rundown between the two clips. SDEs tend to be a bit flashier, using more detail shots (ie rings) and photo session footage to increase the visual impact at your reception. [T]he storyline, while very important, is not something we can baby with so little time and so it is often developed less than in a highlights clip. [T]here are also a lot of shots here and there that we can't get into the SDE because we can't review everything and awesome things inevitably happen after the SDE is ready to be shown.

[A] highlights clip on the other hand will have a much more developed storyline. the soundtrack is often more timeless (this always depends on who the couple is though). [w]e can be sure to review absolutely everything before starting, and it is something we can go back and tweak endlessly before it is released to the world. there are more subtleties in a highlights clip, and that makes them fun to explore over and over (not to say those aren't there in SDEs, just more so in highlights)."

I think both turned out incredibly well, but I do like the 'flashier' SDE better. Which one do you prefer?

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Mo said...

Whoo! That gave me goosebumps at certain points, and I don't even know these people!
Thanks for sharing, really makes a person rethink hiring a videographer.

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