Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Power of Staging

As I mentioned before, the BF and I have been condo shopping. I almost bought the second place we saw. Look how pretty is......

I walked out of this place in love and told the BF so. He laughed and began to list all of its deficiencies. Huh? Did we just see the same place? I began to rhyme off all of the good things to him. After I was done, he looked into my eyes and said the words that every fashionista dreads - "There was NO closet space." What was he talking about?!? There was closet space, in fact, it was a walk-in closet! The BF laughed. He said, "Sure.... a walk-in closet/washer & dryer closet/connecting space between the bedroom and bathroom." Hmmm. Okay, maybe he was right. So there was only one small rod to hang my clothes. So it was unlikely I could get a closet organizer in there. I mean I could work with it right? Look at the place, isn't it worth the minuscule closet space!! No, my friends, the BF was right. There was absolutely NO closet space.!!!! How could I have been so blind? I hate to admit it but I had the 'staging' wool pulled over my eyes. The place? COMPLETELY STAGED. The owner had already moved out. The BF gave me a lecture (which I deserved) on looking past the staging (e.g. the dark wood dining table with matching leather chairs and the candle centrepiece atop of it all) and examining the actual space. Is is big enough for my current furniture? Is the layout a good use of space? Are the finishings of good quality? Sigh. I hate when the BF is right. (FYI - In addition to the small closet, the BF also pointed out that the kitchen was a tad too small and the floors were a bit too shiny for concrete.).

In my defence, I'm posting two 'before & after' photos of staged living spaces. See what I'm up against?

via Staged Perfectly

What lessons did you learn from home-hunting?


Krista said...

I haven't been house hunting, but I have been apartmet hunting. I agonized over it. But honestly, I found a spot I like, in spite of the bad set up by the occupant. I thougt I did such a good job at arranging, which was confirmed by the landlord. He took pictures before I moved out so he could use those to market the place. I didn't have any fancy furniture - I was in grad school! - but it was arranged to maximize the lay out.

A Hot Pink Petticoat said...

hahaha .. that is so me and my hubby. We created a list of wants and needs and rated those.


3+ bedroom (8/10)
1.5+ bathroom (8/10)

Garage (3/6)

Take this list with you when you house hunt and it'll help you focus beyond the fresh paint :)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@Krista - I may need to borrow your lay out skills. I'm horrible at it.

@A Hot Pink Petticoat - Good thinking. Bring list. Did I mention that the dining room table was set with the nicest place settings? ;)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

that condo is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Those look like painted floors... the place looks cute, too bad about the closet space. Hopefully you find a place you like soon!

Brandy said...

Before we started house hunting we almost bought a condo, we went to an opening..NEVER go to an opening of a condo! It's like sensory overload of beautiful staging and fixtures and weird panic that if you don't buy this place right now it will sell out and you will lose out. The Mister took the contract to our lawyer and he pointed out two things 2 people living in such a small place = disaster and if we could afford the condo we could afford a house.
While house hunting staged houses routinely went for $$$$ over asking.

Suzanne Casamento said...

I'm actually home-selling. And a master of staging. Although my places has TONS of storage space too... ; )

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