Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stag & Doe, Jack & Jill, Buck & Doe etc. - Part Deux

I received some very interesting comments to my post on "Stag & Doe's" so I thought I'd share some of them:

From Brandy over at Something Weddings,

"My sister was MOH for the a girl who was such a Bridezilla it was awful. My sister organized the whole Jack and Jill, only in the month before the J&J did two other bridal party members help out. Did I mention my sister was 7 months pregnant, 8 by the time the J&J rolled around AND bowed out of MOH because the wedding was the day before her due date and in August. And yes the Bride knew my sisters due date before deciding her wedding date. Anyhow...they made 3 grand from the J&J and the bride was pissed they didn't make more and what did the $ go to? A car. I was floored when I found that out!"

Hmm. What is it with the proceeds going to cars? To Brandy's sister - you're a trooper and a very devoted friend !

From Krista over at Canadian Bride:

"I have been to several jack and jills.....[t]hey range in themes and tackiness. I've been to a dance where you pay for your drinks (like going to a club with an ipod for a d.j. and all your friends there). The mark-up of the drinks above cost (which is usually a small mark-up, so you're only paying $4 / drink) is what the couple keep. I've been to awful and obvious money-makers. I've been to basically a big barbecue where you pay an "entry fee" (usually $10) for admission to the bbq - usually with all you can eat ribs, drinks, salads, and lots of fun. So it's a spectrum."

"We're having a jack and jill - reluctantly. I didn't want it at all, but the best man *really* wanted to organize a party. I don't know why. So I requested no stupid games / fund-raisers. And no obvious "making money" stunts. There will be a pool tournament, with half the money "going to us", as well as a 50/50 draw. I'm not thrilled about it, but for a jack and jill, it'll be okay. I intend to have our "favour" be a $5 donation in honour of each guest to the Cancer Society. For just over 100 guests, that'll be around $600 for cancer. I haven't told the best man or my fiance, but I fully intend to use the entire "jack and jill money" to add to our cancer donation."

First of all, kudos to Krista for finding a way to turn something she's reluctant about into a way to give back to others! Krista - you are truly one classy bride. Second of all, thanks to Krista for reminding me that like everything else in life, Stag & Doe's/Jack & Jill's/Buck & Doe's are what you make of them. They still aren't my thing but I understand sometimes it's hard to 'buck' tradition and all a couple can do is make the best of it.

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Brandy said...

I guess cars are another large expense? That's my best guess!
My sister keeps asking me what she has to do for our wedding and I'm like "Buy a dress and show up." She's so scarred by her previous roll as MOH that she's convinced that it what happens at all weddings! For the reception party next year she's going to make the cake but that's about it!

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