Thursday, April 16, 2009

Extraordinary San Diego

As you all know, I was in San Diego last week to attend my cousin's cruise ship wedding. I was super excited to be visiting San Diego for the first time. Mo from Pink Argyle was kind enough to give me a list of "must sees" and "must eats" for my day and half tour of the 2nd largest city in Cali. Unfortunately, due to some wishful thinking on my part, some unforeseen waiting between wedding events, and prior engagements in LA, the BF and I were left with just a few short hours after the wedding ceremony to explore (we elected not to sail away with the happy couple and their other guests). I was totally bummed. I quickly scanned Mo's list that I had made a point of saving on my CrackBerry, and tried to ascertain the one thing that I would regret not seeing or doing. Any guesses on what I picked? Hiking in Torrey Pines State Reserve? Dine at Hotel Del on Coronado Island (which, FYI, is where Mo got engaged)? Visit the famous Balboa Park?

Answer? None of the above. My friends, I know where my priorities lie. I decided to eat my way through Extraordinary Desserts. I knew the moment I read about it on Mo's list that I had to let my sweet tooth experience this 'extraordinary' dessert cafe.

The BF and I shared an amazing cheese plate.........

and a slice of their delectable 'Dulce de Leche' cake........

and washed it all down with warm, foamy lattes.

Then I thought about ordering one of these for the road.....

but ultimately decided that my jeans would not appreciate it. ;)

A very special thanks to Mo for all her wonderful advice. I'm saving it for future trips!

P.S. Extraordinary Desserts does wedding cakes! Check it out.

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Mo said...

You're very welcome!
Glad you at least got to eat some sweets and that you had a great time at the wedding. I think if I got my wedding cake at Extraordinary Desserts I'd be scared to cut into it because of the lavish designs! But what an amazing cake it would be.

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