Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

In honour of Earth Day I'm devoting this post to ways to have a 'green wedding.' Many people equate having a 'green wedding' with more work and/or more cash (including yours truly until recently!). What many couples don't realize is that it doesn't take much effort to have a 'green wedding.' And no, you don't have to pull a Barbara Haddrill, who traveled from Wales to Australia via land and sea to be a bridesmaid. Here are some much simpler ways you can think green on your big day:

1) Choosing a Green Location

Your venue choice will likely have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint. If possible, pick a venue that is convenient for the majority of your guests to travel to, thus minimizing transportation fuel and energy. Consider having your ceremony, reception or both in a natural setting such as your favourite park or winery. By doing so you can eliminate your energy output by taking advantage of natural light while saving on decor costs since you're be surrounded by the natural flowers, shrubs and trees.

Beth and Devin's Vineyard Wedding in Vineland, ON

If you're brave enough to go 'greener', think about looking into venues that are 'green venues' such as the SmogShoppe in Culver City, CA. SmogShoppe is a renovated automotive centre that has enough solar panels to generate over 100% of its annual electrical needs! They don't call themselves 'LA's greenest urban oasis' for nothing. I'll let its decor speak for itself.

via SmogShoppe

2) Choose Local Vendors
and Local Products

Most couples work with local vendors anyways so this is really one the easier ways to go 'green.' Things you might want to think about when choosing your vendors:

- Does your vendor use local suppliers, products, and/or materials? For example, inquire with your florist as to which flowers are in bloom in your area at the time of your wedding.
-Does your caterer use organic foods or foods grown locally?
-Can you incorporate in-season fruits and vegetables into your menu?
-Are your invitations/programs printed on recycled paper? Have you considered using plantable paper?
-Have you checked out local dress designers? How about having your dress custom-made using eco-friendly materials? Perhaps going 'vintage' and wearing something 'pre-loved'? Or buying a dress from an eco-friendly designer? For example designer Adele Wechsler (a Canadian designer) has an 'Eco-Couture' collection. Check out Misty below. She's made from vegetable dyed silk.

3) Donations Rather than Favours

Not only is this eco-friendly but it's time-friendly as well. You can even donate to an organization that promotes environmental awareness or protects/preserves the environment such as the Sierra Club.

4) Having your Wedding Party Choose Duds that They'll Wear Again

This is my favourite recommendation! ;) See if your bridal party can 'buy off the rack' dresses/suits that they can wear again to another event. Groomsmen can also go 'green' by renting their suites or tuxes.

Do you have any 'green' wedding suggestions?

For more ideas on going 'green', check out these articles that I used as resources for this post.

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A Hot Pink Petticoat said...

Great recommendations.

One venue, the Markey Kitchen, has a rule that all caterers MUST use the food purchased from St Lawrence Market.

A great Toronto resource for "green" vendors is GET: Green Toronto Enterprise.

caroline tran said...

Great article!! Well written!

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