Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day Goodness

Just as I was about to curse Wiarton Willie for seeing his shadow (I'm so done with my winter boots!), I happened upon images from J.Crew's new wedding campaign.

I love the tiered gatherings on this dress!

And I'm totally crushing on this silk bridesmaid's dress.....

and this one....

with these shoes!

J.Crew is a bit pricey for those of us north of the border once you factor in the exchange rate, shipping and custom brokerage fees* but if you're looking for romance, elegance and colours that have to see the rest of the collection on the J.Crew site.

*If you have your heart set on J.Crew and have a friend/family member in the US, ship your purchase to them to save a little on the shipping and/or custom brokerage fees.

1 comment:

Krista said...

Even if you can ship to someone in the US, J.Crew is not as cheap for weddings as it once was. The average bridesmaid dress is $250, about the same as a bridesmaid dress from a bridal shop. The average wedding dress seems to be just over $1000 (though it ranges from $300 to $3000).

Although, the dresses themselves are gorgeous!

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