Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coldest day Ever?!?

Maybe it's because I'm so done with winter. Or maybe it's because February, historically, has been the most depressing month for me. Or maybe it's because the BF was complaining to me it was 16 degrees Celsius in LA and raining (seriously, they freak out over rain over there, it's kinda bizarre). Or maybe it's because I haven't seen the BF in 4 weeks. Or maybe it's because I'm so sick of lacing up my winter boots (next year, pull-on's only). Or maybe it's because my friend Lisa asked me for my recommendations on where to stay in Cabo San Lucas, which caused me to look at my beach pics longingly. Maybe it's because it was warmer in Calgary than it was in Toronto today. But today felt like THE coldest day EVER. Apparently it felt like -26 degrees with the windchill.

Image from The Toronto Star taken by Pawel Dwulit

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