Monday, February 16, 2009

Kim and Trevor's Wedding: Part IV

Happy Family Day! Happy President's Day. I know I'm late in posting the rest of the pictures from Kim and Trevor's's hard to blog while you're traveling! Anyways, let's get back to Kim and Trevor's special day. After the ceremony, the bridal party went off to Union Station for pictures. Union Station is a very popular place for wedding photos. If you're thinking of doing the same, remember to get your permit by calling 416-392-8188. The permit will cost around $100 and make sure you have it handy on the day of as security will ask to see it. Also be prepared to receive lots of warm wishes from the passerby's! Who can resist a bride and her groom?!

The photographer had to scare the pigeons in order to get this shot which made me anxious because I despise pigeons!! But they make for a great shot no?

This was the teaser that I posted last week. Love, love how the random people walking by are blurred in. This photo, along with other photos from Silvana's portfolio was recently featured in the photography trade magazine, Rangefinder.

Kim and Trevor had their reception at Paramount Conference & Event Venue in Woodbridge, Ontario. Before the reception, Kim and Trevor honoured their elders by participating in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The couple poured cups of tea to their elders and the elders in return handed them 'lai see' or 'lucky money.' Kim changed into a custom made traditional Chinese wedding dress, 'cheong sam' or 'qi pao,' for the tea ceremony.

It isn't a Chinese wedding without the dragon dance!!

Kim changed into her 3rd dress of the night, a sassy pink number, for her and Trevor's first dance. They had been taking ballroom dancing for weeks in preparation for this moment.

Apparently the groom's sister is telling a very funny story in this picture! Kim chose pink and gold as her colours.

That's it for the photos. Coming up - the video! Enjoy your day off if you have one today!

All images from Impulse Photography except the images of the lion dance and the tea ceremony which were taken by Kim's friend.

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Adrienne said...

Love these pictures! So incredible! I agree, the pigeons shot would be scary!

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