Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kim and Trevor's Wedding: Part III

Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry for the delay on this post....I decided to surprise the BF and fly into LA earlier than planned. Even though he was surprised, the BF had an inkling....b/c I was missing for oh, about 5 and 1/2 hours!

Anyways, here are more photos from Kim and Trevor's big day. The ceremony took place at St. Paul's Basilica in Toronto. St. Paul's was built in 1822 and is the oldest Roman Catholic congregation in Toronto. The interior of the basilica is just stunning. One of the advantages of marrying inside a church is often times you don't have to spend too much on decor as the church is already ornate enough.

I love how the sunlight is captured in these photos of Kim.

Kim with her lovely bridesmaids waiting for the ceremony to start.

Even though this picture is in b&w, you can still see the magnificence of the church.

Signing the marriage license.
(c) C.Lye

Yay! Kim and Trevor are married! Check out the paintings in the background, so beautiful.

I was hoping to post the remaining photos today but the BF and I have to get ready for our Anti-Valentine's Day party tonight (more on that later). Hopefully I'll have the rest posted tomorrow. Have a wonderful V-Day with your loved ones!

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Krista said...

& the same to you! Enjoy the weather! :)

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