Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal Fridays: DIY Invitations

I adore paper goods - stationery, invitations, cards, gift wrap, journals, origami paper - I would buy it ALL in a heartbeat (and then it would ALL proceed to sit in a pile underneath my desk). Even though I am completely dependent upon electronic devices to jot down my thoughts, my correspondence, my ramblings, my to-do lists and schedule (I heart my BlackBerry), I can't resist but peruse the many paper goods store in Toronto. (I even can't even resist the stationary section of the Indigo bookstore near me.)

The latest trend is brides and bridesmaids tackling the task of creating and producing their own save-the-dates, invitations, program and shower invites. When I first heard of this do-it-yourself (DIY) task, I was in disbelief - where does one even begin? Isn't the time spent labouring over the project enough reason to hand over your money to a professional ? Time is money right? Little did I know that there were so many resources out there to help those brave and crafty brides.

1. No Graphic Design Skills Necessary

I couldn't draw a stick figure to save my life, let alone create an original invitation design on my laptop. Luckily, those a lot more design-savvy than I, have created invitation templates, and offer them for download, for FREE. I know, what's FREE anymore?!?

Mujka Design
is one of these sites. Check out this lovely damask invitation set.

via Mujka

Mujka also sells invitation templates if this one doesn't tickle your fancy. The prices range from USD$3 to USD$20.00. Mujka is operated by a talented woman named Burcu Arat Sup and she is based in Alberta, Canada.

Domestic diva Martha Stewart also offers invitation templates on her 'print-it-yourself' website.

2. The Paper Chase

I think this would be the most exciting part of making your own invites (or stationery). It would be SO easy for me to spend an entire day in a paper store, running my hand along every piece of paper (and most likely leaving my grubby hand prints behind). So where to go? Well if you're stateside, you must visit Paper Source. I cajoled the BF to take me to the Paper Source in LA a few months back and it was heaven! Don't have a Paper Source near you? Don't worry, you can purchase online. This is my latest paper crush:

Want ribbon band invitations? Or pocket folds? Paper Source has simple step-by-step instructions to guide you in the printing and assembling process in the print templates section of their website.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, here are my faves:

The Paper Place
- has an online store.

Paper Things
- All proceeds of the store go to the National Ballet of Canada's Build-a-Ballet Fund. They also offer customized invitations.

Here are some paper places in other Canadian cities:

Scrapbook Warehouse - Vancouver

Paper Pastimes
- Calgary

And finally here are online stores that will ship to Canada:

White Aisle

Paper Presentation

Cards and Pockets

Blue Dot Papershop


3. Invitation Kits

Want to go DIY without the majority of the heavy lifting? Introducing Invitation Kits - everything you require to make your own invitation, all in a single box. All you need is your handy computer and printer. Martha Stewart Crafts offers such kits and ships to Canada. Want to see the kits in person? Visit Michael's (don't forget to check the weekly flyer for coupons) or Target (who ship as well).

Whichever way you decide to tackle your DIY Invitations, good luck!


Once A Bride said...

I love making my own paper products. It's great that so many sites are offering free templates...since invites can cost up to $1000 for 100. Ouch.

Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

Such great resources. Thanks for sharing! We are still figuring out exactly how to do our DIY invites. Sometimes I go on overload with so many ideas from all the blogs and websites.

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