Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Dress to Rule Them All: Part II

One Dress to Rule Them All: Part I

Part I of my post focused on finding one exact dress for all of your bridesmaids. This post will talk about finding variations of one dress to suit all your maids. This option will likely win major brownie points with EVERY one of your bridesmaids as they'll be able to choose a style/cut that flatters their body type and fashion style while still staying true to your colours!

Wedding planner (and good friend) KGM blogged about the Two Birds bridesmaid dresses. Founded on the premise that being a bridesmaid doesn't mean you need to forego your style and look less than fab on your friend's big day, Two Birds offers ONE dress that can be worn in over 10 different ways. Too good to be true? Check it out for yourself!

The Two Birds Bridesmaid dress comes in 13 colours (they can customize colours as well), two lengths (calf length, floor length) and costs either US $270 or US $290 (depending on length). Since the dress is made from a blend of jersey spandex and nylon, it is a one-size-fits-all. Has anyone tried the Two Birds' dresses?

Another option is to allow your maids to pick dresses cut from the same fabric. One wedding I was in, the bride bought us material and allowed us free reign on the design of the dress. We each worked with a seamstress to customize the dress to our individual size and style. Some brides and bridesmaids are afraid to go down the custom route fearing it would be more costly and timely; but I have to tell you, the cost was about the same and in the end I had a dress tailored to me! With regards to the time commitment, there were a few more fittings but the lead time is about the same (e.g. 6-8months for the whole process).

If you wish to go the 'made to order' route, pick a retailer that offers many styles cut from the same fabric. One such retailer is Aria Dress. Here are some real life bridesmaids donning dresses made from the same fabric but in different styles to flatter their body types.

I've blogged about Coco Myles before. Specializing in custom formal dresses, Coco Myles lets your bridesmaid be the fashion designer. All you have to do is pick the fabric! For more on Coco Myles, read my previous post or check out their site.

As a Professional Bridesmaid, I personally love how my friend A allowed us to purchase any dress so long as it was black. However, for those brides who wish to co-ordinate their brides, keep the above options in mind. For all you maids out there, don't be afraid to speak up and offer suggestions which will make you (and the other maids) and the bride happy. After all, happy bridesmaids make for an even happier bride!


Judy said...

Enjoyed your blog and I personally like the idea of one color with different style choices. I have never looked or felt comfortable in strapless dresses. Just one additional comment...bridesmaids underestimate the demand for used bridesmaid dresses. I find buyers all over the Internet looking for them. I have a website that lists used dresses for sale and I can't keep the popular colors or dress styles coming in fast enough.

Victory Bird said...

haha, FANTASTIC title. It really is as monumental to have several women in the same dress as it is to be bound by magic rings. We did Coco Myles for a friend's wedding an it was fine service, but the dress quality was pretty low. That one went right to goodwill. I found the exact same dress for all gals from H&M, woo!

Cynthia said...

Saw your comment on SKC's blog re: my bridesmaid dresses. I found the fabric in L.A.'s garment district, and had a seamstress make them. Only $70/dress, plus fabric!

I loved that all my girls got involved and were able to choose a style that made them feel beautiful and that they could wear again... I added a black band to all of them to tie the color in to the tuxes.

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