Friday, May 8, 2009

Feature Friday: Confetti Films

I am in total awe of today's featured vendor and after you view Confetti Films' work, I guarantee you'll feel the same way!! Before I share a snippet from one of Confetti's wedding films, read below for my interview with Nicole, the founder of this Calgary-based film company.

1) What inspired you to start Confetti Films?

Firstly my love for cinema as a medium, and the quest to create beautiful work. I am still inspired daily to evolve and push ourselves forward in creating "true" wedding films.

2) How would you describe Confetti's 'style'?

I think the best way to describe Confetti's style (and of utmost importance) would be that our films are created around the essence of our couples. In addition, I believe they are artistic, cinematic, sophisticated, and slightly edgy with a feminine flare.

3) Do you have a favourite wedding?

I don't have one favorite wedding but I do have favorite moments within each wedding that we are a part of.

4) What is your favourite moment at a wedding?

My favorite moments are those filled with anticipation; the groom's expression; the moments leading up to her (the bride's) arrival; the way a father holds his daughter's arm close during the walk down the aisle; unexpected gifts in the morning; the facial expressions when the couple is officially announced as husband & wife; cool shoes; blue boxes; and my favorite, which separates every wedding ~ capturing the unique connection between the couple.

5) Which fellow wedding cinematographer do you most admire?

My inspiration is the team at Still ~ Motion, amazingly gifted, kind and incredibly passionate about life. They have changed the industry, pushed boundaries and inspired artists around the world.

6) What's a typical day for you?

It may be a filming day or a day at the computer. Either way it involves Starbucks:)

7) I see that you're based in Calgary. Are you available to film weddings outside of the province?

This year we have opened up our services to the rest of Canada, and abroad:) And looking forward to this new journey..........

A huge thank you to Nicole and her team for letting me feature Confetti Films! For more information on Confetti Films, visit their website and blog. Make sure you add them to your blog reader so you can see their latest work.

Kristina & Matt from Confetti Films on Vimeo.


AmyJean said...

Those are awesome! :)

Molly Jean said...

really inspiring interview...thanks for sharing!

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