Monday, May 4, 2009

The Purge.

Thank you for all your well-wishes on the new place. An even bigger THNAK YOU for all your helpful advice on purging the closet and moving in general. So I did the big 'purge' this past weekend.

Here is just a peek into my pre-purge disastrous closet. As you can see, my clothes don't have a lot of breathing room, and I'm in desperate need of a linen closet. (I plan to install a closet organizer in the new place.)

I started the 'purge' by taking each item of clothing and asking myself, "Does it still fit? When was the last time I wore it?" (as per Mo's advice). If I still wasn't convinced to 'purge' the item, I then ask myself, "Could I wear this to work? Could I wear this out?" (as per cheapnchic). If I couldn't answer those questions (quickly), out it went! Well, it went in the 'Goodwill' pile. As Suzanne said, donating now, when people need it the most, is the best part of 'purging.'

The pile starting to grow in the hall.

Shoes that I haven't worn in years.

My Goodwill pile.
Thought I'd share these funny trends with you. Remember the poncho craze? (Excuse my faded velor track pants...they're so comfy). Check out the weird toe on these shoes! BTW, I wore these shoes non-stop for a year.

I have to admit there were some items of clothing that I had a really difficult time letting go of. I started working out regularly about two years ago and because of that my body has gotten more muscular and I don't fit into my 'skinny' clothing. I kept saying, I would work out harder, lose some weight, and fit into those clothes again (yes, I was delusional). Anyways, this weekend I let that lovely pipe dream go and realized, hey, I may have a slightly 'bigger' body but at least it's strong!

Alas, the fruits of my labour. One bag for Goodwill and one bag for the ladies in my family. I even managed to put away my winter clothing into storage. I sent a photo to the BF and he was VERY proud.

P.S. To cheapnchic - feel free to share your fiance's present value analysis on the worth of old books! You won't believe how many old textbooks I still have. As if I still need that highschool Caculus textbook!!


Margarita said...

Good job! I love getting rid of old stuff!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Thank you for visiting A Gift Wrapped Life, so lovely to see another Canadian. You have reminded me to purge my closet, I am sure I would have things alot more embarrassing than a poncho!
Enjoy the week.

Mo said...

Yay for closet organization!
I had shoes like that with the funky rounded toe! Mine were black with silver trim and I wore them all the time in college. I wore them out so much that they unfortunately got chucked. Glad to see you were able to let go. =)

chicncheap said...

Ok, I had to get him to explain his formula again.

1. Determine the price of the old book purchased in today's dollars (e.g. $100)
2. Determine probability, i.e. 50%, you will need that book and this will be present value of book (value is now $50)
3. That number is the future value. Present value must be taken now (depends on interest rates, but will certainly be less than $50)

I know completely dorky but he is a finance/econ nerd and we both just got our MBAs.

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