Monday, May 18, 2009

A Weekend of Surpises

This past long weekend (it's Victoria Day today here in Canada) I pulled off not one, but two surprise events. The first event was the BF's birthday party Saturday night. Unfortunately, I could not be in LA for the BF's birthday (oh long distance, how it sucks). I decided the next best thing was to plan a little get-together at one of his favourite watering holes, Cabo Catina. I emailed all his friends and asked them to 'surprise the crap out of him' (BF does not like surprises) and also take advantage of the happy hour (2 for 1 drinks!). I also ordered a bunch of cupcake babies from our favourite cupcake place, Vanilla Bake Shop, including a regular size stuffed Key Lime cupcake for the BF. So how did it go? Let's just say that planning a surprise party from a different city, country, and coast isn't ideal. A few of the BF's friends tripped up in their drunken states a few nights prior which led the BF to be VERY suspicious. Nevertheless, the BF drank many margs, ate some cupcakes and fun was had by all.

The second surprise event I helped plan was my friend A's bridal shower. A is a no fuss, no muss kind of gal. She told her bridesmaids that she didn't want a bridal shower and we were instructed by her NOT to plan one. Of course, we totally ignored her request. Since A has been a wonderful bridesmaid herself a number of times, we felt that A deserved to be 'showered' in return. We planned an intimate shower for A and asked each of the guests to bring photos or mementos of A so we could make a scrapbook for her. This way A could spend some quality time with her guests. We had so much fun! It was great to look at photos of A over the years and reminisce. I highly recommend a 'scrapbook shower.' As I've blogged in the past, A wanted to have 'Tiffany blue' as one of her wedding colours but it didn't quite work with her venue so we decided to incorporate the colour in her shower invites. I 'designed' (lol) the invites using PowerPoint; printed them using my finicky HP printer; used 12x12 cardstock (from Michael's) for the backing; rounded out the edges with a corner rounder; tied white ribbons around the invite.....and voilĂ !

Have you planned a surprise event? How did it turn out?


Margarita said...

Good job pulling BOTH those off!!


congrats for pulling them both off! i'm totally impressed by the opposite coast/country one! u go girl :)

Mo said...

Yay for surprises! You were busy, and I'm very impressed that you organized a surprise party all the way from Canada! He's one lucky boy. ;)

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