Thursday, May 14, 2009

Engaging Photo Candy

Engagement photos to me are a luxury. Not that I don't see a point to them as I do think that engagement sessions gives couples the chance to be comfortable together in front of the camera and experience their photographers' style before the big day. I just think it would be a lower item on my priority list. However, once in awhile, I'll see some engagement photos that blow my mind and makes me reconsider. One set of such photos are the ones below taken by Chris + Lynn. Chris and Lynn Jaksa are an award-winning husband and wife photography team based in Vancouver, BC. Their photojournalistic style combined with Candace's and Nick's good looks made for one awesome engagement session.

How stunning is springtime in Vancouver?! I love cherry blossoms.

Risque yet fun.

I am loving the Candace's outfits.

I love how the mountains are in the backdrop. Breathtaking

To see more of Chris + Lynn's work, visit their site and their blog. For those of you on Twitter, you can follow Chris + Lynn at Thank you Chris and Lynn for letting me share these photos!


Krista said...

I want a cherry blossom tree! :) Those are fun!

New Wife said...


One thing to ask your photog is if they offer e-pics as part of their package. Many of them do. We only got our epics done (twice actually) because they were free.

Yay free!!

Or, if you want them but don't have the budget, craigslist. Many up and coming photogs are dying for portfolio pics.

Barbara said...

Beautiful! Especially the one with the cherry blossom.

We cut e-pics out.. we considered it a low priority as well.

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