Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Wedding Flashback

Showing his support for my blog, the BF recently sent me this 1988 wedding photo. Any guesses who the couple is???

It's Robert Smith of The Cure and his wife Mary Poole!! They were married in a 'suitably gothic' monastery in Sussex, England. "Bob" composed Lovesong as a wedding gift to Mary. Ah, the upside of marrying a musician!

Thanks BF!


Alison said...

just by the hair I said "the cure" .. hahaha

very married said...

loooove the cure. i still listen to them like it's still in style.

Sheila said...

Alison, I see your "hair" and raise you a "male eyeliner & lipstick". Lol! Btw, I LOVE the Cure and of course Lovesong is one of my fav Cure tracks. Can u tell I'm a child of the 80s?!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@very married: According to the BF, it's sill in style! ;)

@ Alison, @Sheila - ah but who wore more makeup? the groom or the bride?

bf said...

technically, "lovesong" was an anniversary gift. they got married during the previous album cycle, "kiss me kiss me kiss me", pre-"disintegration". his wife appeared on the cover for another single off that album, "pictures of you".

i have way too much useless information rattling around in my skull. and what, nothing about trent rzeznor getting engaged?

Mo said...

Oooh, the bf makes an appearances on the blog! Hello bf!
Love the Cure. I had Galore on repeat during high school and still can't help turning the volume way way up during Close To Me.


oh yes i knew it right away!!! love robert & mary....always loved their love story. :)

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