Saturday, May 23, 2009

Love The One You're With

As I get older, I find that it's getting harder to find time for leisure reading (and when I do I fall asleep after a few paragraphs!). I can't even remember that last book I read! So my guilty pleasure is chick lit. Chick lit books are an easy read and often times, it's a divergence into someone else's life, the best escape from reality. Although it was published last year, I picked up Emily Griffin's Love The One You're With just last week. The main chick in this story, Ellen, is at the 'crosswords of true love and real life' -- translation: she rus into the boy who 'got away' and now questions if her husband is 'the one.' Come on, how JUICY, is that?! I know, I know...I really need a better reading list. However, if you're ever in the mood for an easy-breezy, gossip-like read (especially when you're slightly hungover from the night before and do not want to attack your chores).....check it out.

p.s. To those of you south of the border, your Amazon rocks. just sells books, DVDs, CDs, some electronics. i.e. no clothes, jewelery, shoes.


Margarita said...

That's a good book - I was personally disappointed by the end, but that's me ;) Love chick lit - an escape from the everyday :)

New Wife said...

i too am into the chick lits over intelligent reading.

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