Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coco Myles - My Latest Procrastination Excuse

How many times have you've gone shopping, found an item of clothing that you like but you wished you could change the colour, the neckline or added an embellishment or two? If you answered yes, then you're like me, a wannabe fashion designer. Problem with me is that my sewing skills are very basic and I barely have time to dress myself in the mornings let alone design my own clothes. Well, I found the next best thing. Coco Myles.

Specializing in custom formal dresses, Coco Myles lets YOU be the fashion designer. You pick the neckline (e.g. sweetheart, scoop neck); the style of the skirt (e.g. A-line, ballgown); the colour; the fabric (satin, charmeuse, georgette, matte jersey); whether the the dress will have beading, bows or a matching sash and/or shawl. Did I mention that your dress, a <insert your name here> original will be under US$200? I know, a little too good to be true!

As you can imagine, the majority of Coco Myles' business is the sale of customized bridesmaids dresses, allowing brides to mix 'n' match colours, sizes, and styles. This one-stop online retailer also customizes dresses for junior bridesmaids and pregnant bridesmaids. Recently awarded a WeddingWire's Brides Choice Award '09, Coco Myles seems to be a favourite among brides.

Check out the bridesmaid dress I put together. Cute no? And all for US $138!

Coco Myles also specializes in customized 'celebrity inspired' gowns. Below is the 'Pretty Betty' gown. I love the ruching.

And here is my customized red "Reese" gown.

Coco Myles will send swatches free of charge so you can get a sense of the colours and the fabrics. According to Coco Myles' website, it will take approximately 6 weeks to receive your order. They offer free shipping within the Continential U.S. (bonus!) and will waive the standard $40/dress cost assciated with shipping to Canada if you order 3 or more dresses. Check out their blog for photos of real Coco Myles' bridesmaids and even brides!

So if you get bored at work, ahem, I mean, if you have some time during your lunch hour, try designing your own dress. Be careful - it's addictive!


Krista said...

Oh my gosh. That is amazing. If only I'd found it a month ago, before I'd ordered the bridesmaid dresses.

Thanks for sharing.

Mind if I copy you and do a post on it?

Mo said...

I'm taking a two minute break at work to tell you that I love the Reese! These silhouettes look great and affordable, thanks for the post.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Glad you enjoyed it Mo. I love the Reese. Is it wrong that I want it in EVERY colour?!

Howie B. said...

Hi, this is Howard (a/k/a Howie B), the President of Coco Myles. Thank you very much for your wonderful write up! We really appreciate it. If anyone has an questions, or would like some swatches, please just email us at customerservice@cocomyles.com. We're not too good to be true -- really! Thanks again!

Victory Bird said...

We actually got bridesmaid dress from them back when my friend got married last May. The quality was definitely on the low end, but it was a super fun process to mix & match! All the fabrics are very 'bridesmaid' and I got rid of the dress pretty quickly. But very price friendly compared to a lot of places out there!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Thanks Victory Bird. Any chance you have pictures to share?

AmyJean said...

This is so cool!

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