Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre-Loved Gowns in Canada

Hope you had a great weekend! For those Canadian brides considering donning a pre-loved gown, here are a handful currently residing in Canada. You may wonder why I only list the ones for sale in Canada - my thinking is you can save some money by not having to deal with the custom fees and/or higher shipping costs associated with cross-border shopping (especially if the seller lives in the same city as you!). If you do find a pre-loved gown outside of Canada, make sure you consider these extra charges when negotiating with the seller.


Margarita said...

Thanks for posting!

Brandy said...

Blah I hate customs! Sometimes they don't charge you sometimes they charge you so much it's not even worth buying!
It's the one thing that keeps me from scooping up deals!!
And yes you guessed correctly that is Windsor Arms high tea!

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