Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boarding Pass Invitations

My cousin and his fiance are getting married abroad a cruise ship next month. Once married, they and their guests, will be setting sail to Mexico. How apropos are these boarding pass invitations for their destination wedding? Apologies for the so-so quality of the photos (I'm so not a photographer!). Click on the images for a closer look. Manaluz Designs in New York City designed and printed the invitations for them.

Thinking of going the DIY route? Lucky for you, Soirée Bliss has a boarding pass template available for download for FREE! Click here for the template and step-by-step instructions for putting together your invitations/save-the-dates. Good luck!


Margarita said...

Those are so adorable! I've always loved invites that looked like airline tickets or boarding passes. I've seen ones that look like passports too!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

So cute! Love them. And I'm super jealous that you get to go :)

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