Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alexander McQueen for Target

The Alexander McQueen for Target collection hit the stores today. You have to give Target credit for forging these relationships with high-end designers in order to bring their art to us common folk. I have a few purses from the Joy Gryson Target line and love them! Plus, I didn't have to pay $500-800 per bag. (Mind you, I also didn't get the soft, supple leather and quality design). I have yet to purchase clothing from Target's Designer collection. Maybe the Alexander McQeen line will be my first foray. I am crushing on the asymmetrical charcoal and black dress below which is US$69.99. The prices suit any recessionista's budget, ranging from $19.99 for a top to $139.99 for a leather studded vest. What do you think?


Sheila said...

I heart Tar-jjjay!


oh i've wanted the first one on the left since I saw it in a magazine last month. I haven't been able to find it in any Target or online yet.

So glad you found my blog. I just found yours too :) I looove Toronto..actually we were supposed to come up there April 3rd to get married at city hall but ended up canceling the trip and are doing it in CT to try to save a little $

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