Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today is....

CLOSING DAY on my new condo!!!! I'm expecting a call from my lawyer sometime this afternoon letting me know that the transaction closed, and to come and pick up my keys to my first (owned) home! So exciting......can't wait. Did anyone else feel this excited on their closing day?!?

For those of you who need a new frock (especially for all those engagement parties/showers/weddings coming up), check out Banana Republic's dress sale. Nothing over US $98. I quite like the yellow one with the cross draping detail (originally $225).

via Banana Republic


Sweet Nothings said...

congrats!! I remember closing day well(and the lovely gift my real estate agent left for me!)

its such an exciting time! !!

The Marry Melodies said...

Congrats on your closing day!! (better late than never right?) Don't worry, it's completely normal. we were totally ecstatic when we closed our first place (2 years ago)and the feeling still remains!! Best of luck with the new place!!!

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