Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

This BBC News article made me laugh (and then feel old).

A What-Man? Giving up my iPod for a Walkman.


anna and the ring said...

Hi, new to your blog and it's awesome!

I thought it was amusing too! But I was more distressed by the fact I have been drinking gallons of water and I could have been drinking tea all along!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for the kind comment.

Re: tea/water comment - I believe you're a you can shoot me down on this...but aren't British slightly biased about tea? ;)

anna and the ring said...

Oh no, you got me!

Actually, I'm kinda hooked on water at the moment so I think I'll be ok.

Marie-Ève said...

Funny indeed... Although I think it's too well-written for a 13 year-old. Oh well, maybe they've done some extensive editing!

And I must disagree with him, no, walkmans were not only bland gray: mine was bright yellow!

But come to think of it, man, cassettes were REALLY inefficient as a medium for music...

Suzanne Casamento said...

OMG. Just looking at how big and clunky that walkman is makes me feel like a dinosaur!

Barbara said...

I think I still have my walkman somewhere lol

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