Monday, June 15, 2009

An Escape to Wine Country

Happy Monday! How are ya?! I've SO missed blogging. The BF and I have been buried in boxes, new and old, making endless trips to Ikea, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, West Elm and countless furniture stores on Queen Street West. Needless to say, it's been exhausting. I decided to take Friday and today off to get settled into the new place. I also thought it'd be great to take a break from the moving melee and escape to Ontario's wine country - which we did Friday!

1. East Dell Estates

While Niagara-on-the -Lake is the most popular destination in Ontario for winos, we decided to explore the wineries in the Grimsby and Beamsville area (about 42km east of Niagara-on-the-Lake). Our first stop was East Dell Estates. This is a favourite of ours as the vineyard also has a restaurant, The View, which has the best cheese and sausage platters. So yummy. The BF paired the platters with the 2007 Black Cab while I sipped their 2007 Reisling.

The View Restaurant (via East Dell)

2. Fielding Estate Winery

Our next stop was Fielding Estate Winery, operated by husband and wife team, Cutis and Heidi Fielding. This is a must-drink winery for those are you who favour white wines. Our faves are their 2007 Chardonnay Musque (pear, white peach, and mandarin orange integrated with floral and spice notes) and 2007 Gew├╝rztraminer (spiced-filled nose of clove and nutmeg, fresh green apple, orange marmalade, honeysuckle, and green tea.) Check out Fielding's Wine Tasting Lodge - made from wood, stone and glass, it is reminiscent of a lake house.

3. The Organized Crime Winery

The BF noticed this sign while we were on our way to East Dell. Interesting no?

I'm so glad the BF noticed this sign because Organized Crime ended up being our favourite stop! The Organized Crime Winery was founded by Jan and Krystyna Tarasewicz (formerly an art director and veterinarian, respectively). Producing only 3000-4000 cases of wine each year, this boutique winery has quite a unique story behind its name. The story, according to the Organized Crime website, is that two quarreling Mennonite congregations in the 1900's came to blows when a pipe organ was acquired by one of the congregations. The other congregation, which was of the belief that music should only be sung, stole the organ and threw it down the embankment. Hence, the 'Organ'-ized' Crime name. Pretty clever! Each type of wine bears a label depicting the story. To see the labels, visit their site (click on image).

4. Malivoire Wine Company

Malivoire was established in the mid-90's by Martin Malivoire and Moira Saganski. This was our second visit to this organic vineyard. The very first thing that caught our eye on our first visit was their modern tasting room. Don't you love the funky chandelier?

Malivoire has a great red wine - 2007 Gamay (ripe bramble fruits followed by cooked plum, sour cherry, vanilla, cinnamon and cigar box). One thing about Malivoire that makes it stand out from the other more well known wineries is they don't charge a tasting fee. Most wineries make it known upfront how much the tastings are, whether they're waived or not when you make a purchase. There's no talk about tasting fees at Malivoire.... just friendly discussions about their delicious wines!

I love going vineyard hopping! Especially with the BF. We always have such an amazing time and come home with way TOO much wine. Case in point.


Heather said...

Congratulations on your new place!

Suzanne Casamento said...

Sounds like a great time! Enjoy the Organized Crime wine!

very married said...

i'm moving this weekend! feel free to give tips :)

Barbara said...

Ohhh thanks for the reviews on the wineries. I love going wine tasting. I always go to NOTL though.. I think I'll have to try these other wineries sometime.

Mo said...

What a beautiful day to spend with the BF! Glad you got a special day out in wine country while he is in town. =)

Carol said...

How much fun!! Great pictures and I want to eat that whole cheese plate right now!

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