Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chrissy and Andre's Old Hollywood Wedding: Part II

Hope you enjoyed the photo candy from Part I of Chrissy and Andre's wedding yesterday. Now for Part Deux!

Let's start with some photos from Chrissy and Andre's ceremony:

How smashing does Chrissy's BM look? The lace fan really makes the outfit.

The adorable flower girl, and ring bearer being escorted by another BM down the aisle, which is scattered with flower petals and lit with candles.

Chrissy with her father.

I love how soft the lighting is.

Signing the marriage license.

The first married kiss at the 'altar.'

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests attend the 1940's film premiere-style reception at The Eglinton Grand.

Chrissy and Andre creatively arranged for 'paparazzi' to wait for them and their guests on the 'red carpet' at the venue. The 'papies' played the part by wearing trench coats, fedoras, and 'press passes.' Chrissy and Andre borrowed vintage cameras which the paparazzi used to 'take pictures' of the guests as they arrived. Guests were also 'interviewed' with the use of a 1940's mic. Talk about being detail-oriented!

During the cocktail hour, the cigarette girl handed out candy cigarettes & cigars.

The guest tables were named after actors from the 30's 40's & 50's.......
and decorated with lamp shade centrepieces filled with orchids, surrounded by crystal votive candle holders.

Mini clapboard escort cards led guests to the damask lined tables. Each place setting had an art deco menu card.

The wedding cake made by Chrissy's sister!

The head table.

Let the party begin!

Chrissy and Andre hired professional swing dancers to liven up the party!

Instead of renting a photo booth, Chrissy had her photographer set up an instant digital photo booth. Guests had their photos taken before dinner. Props such as hats, boas, cigarette holders, cigars, jewelry were given to the guests to wear/use in the photos. During dinner, the photos were printed. At the end of the night, guests could pick up their printed photos favours on their way out.

The happy groom and bride at the end of the night. (Well not quite, Chrissy and Andre also hosted an after party as well!)

Coming up tomorrow, Chrissy and Andre's DIY projects! I've purposely not mention which items Chrissy and Andre did themselves to see if you tell which items were DIY. Think you know which ones? Find out tomorrow! I'll also have a list of vendors Chrissy and Andre worked with.


Heather said...

Looks like a fun wedding!

Mo said...

How fun! That bm looks like she was rockin' the runway.

Brianna said...

So fun! I love the 'his girl friday' in lights.

Nicole said...

Love the fans for the BM(s)

Carol said...

So fun! What a beautiful couple!

NuFlaiir said...

What a fun wedding.
I love the centerpieces.


Bridechka said...

Every last detail is just fantastic.

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