Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grilled Cheese.

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This past weekend, my friend Sheila, who is a huge fan of grilled cheese, and I checked out The Grilled Cheese in Toronto's Kensington Market. Serving up about 10 different types of grilled cheese sandwiches, The Grilled Cheese has a sandwich for any discerning palette. While I went for the Grill Works (Swiss, provolone and Monterey Jack with roasted peppers and portabello mushrooms), Sheila decided to test The Grilled Cheese on their Classic grilled cheese. After all, if they can't get that right, what's the point? The verdict? YUMMY. Below is the Classic, paired with a Cranberry Ginger Ale (first time I tried it!). Total Cost for the sandwich and a drink = $9.

by Sheila

I know so many people who are grilled cheese lovers. In fact, my friend Erin's husband (remember her Toronto Island wedding?) insisted on grilled cheese for a late night snack at their wedding. Good call Mark! I had two portions myself that night!

It seems that lately, comfort foods or 'favourite foods' are making the rounds at weddings, either as a late night offering or as part of the dinner fare. When the BF allows me to indulge about fantasizing about our wedding, I think about the food. (I'm such a foodie!). I envision a bunch of food stations filled with our favourite foods.

For example, how yummy would a French Fry station be? Complete with dipping sauces?
by Stephanie Diani via The NY Times

This is the BEST.IDEA.EVER. Why not hire a In-N-Out Burger truck to serve up your guests famished from dancing the night away?
by Joe Latter via Green Wedding Shoes

For my fellow LA bloggers, how about having The Grilled Cheese Truck at your wedding? (Has anyone tried this yet?)

A lobster bake would be awesome for those of you who hail from New England or the East Coast of Canada.
via Toast and Tables

For dessert, guests could indulge on candied apples.
via Estancia La Jolla

Krispy Kreme anyone?

Satisfy your guests' sweet teeth by treating them to Pinkberry.

An absolute must in my fantasy wedding menu? POUTINE!
via The Globe and Mail

What comfort/favourite food do you plan on serving at your wedding?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Can I come to your wedding some day? I'll bring a nice present!

Love the comfort food options! I remember you said you liked the brisket or was it pulled pork on my menu right? You should have that too!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

They all look so good...I think I would definitely go the grilled cheese route. I also mentioned having an ice cream truck arrive towards the end of the evening for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth for that extra burst of energy. Great ideas.

The Marry Melodies said...

seriously?! you just made my mouth water... i wish Ottawa had a grilled cheese only diner..

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@Chic 'n Cheap Living - Of course you can come, may be a few years though. lol. I loved every item on your menu. I remember drooling while reading about it on your blog. Yum.

@Born to be Mrs. Beever - ooooh, an ice cream truck. That's a great idea. Would also make for great photos...everyone with ice cream cones!

Recession Bride said...

My future sister-in-law had McDonald's delivered at midnight -- huge hit. Comfort food is the way to go.

Mo said...

My favorite combo I make at home involves pepper jack and butter spread on both sides of the bread before it hits the pan.

I don't know if we're having any comfort food at the wedding. Does wine count?

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@Mo: Wine most definitely counts! And I'm coming over to your place for grilled cheese. yum.

Sheila said...

The most drool-worthy post to date. Yummm! Btw, thx for the photo cred! I feel so professional.

Dorothy said...

Mmmm the grilled cheese looks so good. I want one! Dipped in tomato soup...the perfect combo.

Yes, have poutine at your wedding - I want to try! Can you tell I want to eat just about everything?

Brianna Phelan said...

French fry station? Be still my sweet heart! I now want french fries haha. And grilled cheese - never thought about it any other way than with cheddar. Hmmm, now I'm tempted to go make one :)

Sarah Groundwater said...

That is MY sort of wedding! I am all over the fun, comfort food. Mini-burgers will be my thing. Little buns of happiness

A Hot Pink Petticoat said...

this would be AWESOME for my biz in the Alexis style :)

Congrats on a very successful first giveaway!

Barbara said...

i love grilled cheese! must check out this place!!

Katie said...

YUMMM! That grilled cheese looks so ridiculously good!!!! And by the way, I am dying to try a cranberry ginger ale...never seen that before!!!

honey my heart said...

mmm, now i want to eat every food you featured :) we served cupcakes and ice cream, great comfort food and truly satisfying for one's sweet tooth!

anna and the ring said...

Mmm Heaven! Love the cheese!

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