Monday, August 24, 2009

Erin and Mark's Toronto Island Wedding

Once in awhile, I, the Professional Bridesmaid, have the chance to be a guest at a wedding as opposed to being in the wedding. (The BF always marvels when I'm not in a wedding....he playfully feigns shock). For me, being a guest at a wedding is like being an audience member at a play. You get to enjoy the final production without knowing about the craziness behind the scenes or the emotions that ran high just mere minutes before the curtain lifted. My favourite part about being guest is that you can take in everything all at once - the flowers, the decor, the music, the dresses, the guests' smiles, the bride's and groom's reactions.

One wedding that I was a guest at which stands out in my mind as one of the most fun wedding that I attended is that of Mark and Erin's . Erin and Mark were married on a hot summer's day at St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church on one of the Toronto Islands. Guests were ferried from downtown Toronto to Centre Island.

Built in 1884, St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church, resembles more of a cottage than a church. How cute is it?

Erin wore a beautiful silk sheath by Selia Yang, which she scored at a sample sale while travelling in NYC.

After the ceremony, guests could either walk or take the electric cart to the reception venue, Algonquin Island Association.

Erin splurged on a lovely pair of gold Christian Louboutin's for the big day.

The bridesmaids donned royal blue dresses from J.Crew. I love the yellow & blue combo.

This is one of my favorite shots that photographer Darren Goldstein took. Erin and Mark have a lot of friends who are photography enthuasists so they hired Darren to shoot only the ceremony and do some formal portrait shots. After that, the couple handed over the reins to their friends.
The Toronto skyline made for an amazing backdrop for pictures.

By S.Magno

By S. Macnamara

By S. Macnamara

Erin and Mark sat at an 'sweetheart' table during the reception.

Catering was provided by Paul Iskander who is also the Catering & Events Co-ordinator at Humber College. Culinary departments at local colleges are a great source for catering recommendations.

One of Erin and Mark's must-haves was the rockin' band, Shugga. Very few people were sitting down at this wedding. Everyone was dancing up a storm!

By S. Magno

This picture sums up the night for me! Shoes off and ladies getting down on the dance floor!

All photos by Darren Goldstein unless stated otherwise.

Dress: Selia Yang
Bridesmaids Dresses: J.Crew
Ceremony: St. Andrew-By-The-Lake Church
Reception: Algonquin Island Association
Paul Iskander
Band: Shugga
Photographer: Darren Goldstein Photography


Brianna Phelan said...

Beautiful! I love the colour of the BM dresses and the bride is so beautiful :)

ebartley said...

Thanks for the kind review Sylvana;)
One correction - I didn't alter the dress at all - I'm 5'10 I never get to hem anything - a little extra material in the length might have been nice I think;)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@erin - ok, i kinda hate you right now...;)

Mo said...

Everything looked beautiful!! What a cute little church! Erin looked gorgeous in her Selia Yang dress.

Glad you got to enjoy the wedding as an audience member. :)

Marie-Ève said...

I love the shot where the light seems to shine from the bride's bouquet!

honey my heart said...

so beautiful! their colors (esp bmaid dresses) were amazing. love the idea of transportation for the guests and a rockin' band.

Nicole said...

fantastic wedding!!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Hey these are great shots! Everyone is so gorgeous!!!!

I didn't know about the "Toronto Islands!!" Would make a great article for My Island Wedding!

Mind if I use a few shots?

Brandy said...

LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! I love the island, would love to live there if there wasn't a crazy waiting list!!

Erin sure scored a stunning dress! And those Jcrew dresses in that blue with the yellow is so classic and modern at the same time.

Bridechka said...

Looks great!

bridechic said...

The Yang dress and Erin in it is a total winner! and of course the J Crew. I'd actually wear the Crew dress again. Love to know how and where the bridesmaids accessorise them and wear them after the big day . . .

Suzanne Casamento said...

That is the cutest church ever! And I love the royal blue dresses. Bold but excellent choice! ; )

Carol said...

What a fun, beautiful wedding! Everyone looks so lovely! Love the yellow roses too!

Alysse said...

I am having my wedding on the Island, and wondering about the electric carts. Did you rent them?

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@alysse - they were rented - speak to island association - they can direct you to the right people

kgolas said...

Hi there,
I am also getting married at the AIA on ward sland. I am debating staying at a B&B the night before or water traxi in the morning. Did you take a water taxi or is that a charter boat.

Thanks so much, you're wedding looked beautiful and os much fun.

kgolas said...

Your wedding looked beautiful and so much fun. I am also getting married on the island next summer and I was wondering if you and the bridesmaids took a water taxi over in the morning or a charter boat? I was just worried about going across in my dress etc in the water taxi.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@kgolas - The bride and the Bms went over in one of the ferry boats they had chartered for their guests. Hope that helps.

Kat said...

Thanks that does help. If you remember would you mind telling me the name of the charter company?

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@Kat - I believe they used Sorry for the late response.

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