Thursday, November 5, 2009

East meets West

The BF and I recently attended a Hindu wedding ceremony. Neither of us had ever been. Timing is everything in the Hindu religion. Based on the bride's and groom's horoscopes, a Hindu priest will determine which dates and times are most auspicious for the couple. The Hindu priest presiding over the ceremony we attended determined a 10am start on a Sunday morning was the most auspicious for our bride and groom. Did I mention I'm not a morning person? Luckily, there was so much colourful eye candy (and the Indian food lunch buffet!) to make the early wake-up call totally worth it.

The reception was held in the Distillery District, at the Broiler House. I love the industrial and modern feel of the Broiler House. Plus, they serve some tasty food!

(The above pictures are from the Broiler House - gives you an idea of the space.)

In lieu of favours, the couple made a donation to Oxfam.

The couple asked their guests to upload their photos to a Flickr account established specifically for the wedding.

The wedding cake was made by a friend of the couple's.

The BF and I had a great time. Since the ceremony and reception were so different (i.e. East meets West), we felt like we went to two different weddings. Are you planning to have a ceremony and reception which are not related in 'theme'?

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honey my heart said...

the wedding was so beautiful! i love the outfits and all the color.

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