Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion Hits and Misses

Happy Monday! Did you watch the Oscars last night? Or should I say, did you check out the gowns last night?! :) Here are my picks for best dressed and worst dressed.

Best Dressed

Diane Kruger can do no wrong in my eyes and last night was no exception. I love this Chanel halter gown with black ribbon accents. It reminds me a lot of Vera Wang's current bridal collection.

Fellow Canadian Rachel McAdams donned this lovely Elie Saab pastel print gown. It's so fun and flirty.

Worst Dressed

Charlize Theron, who is so gorgeous, surprised me with this Dior gown. I just don't get the flower patches on the bust! They're so distracting.

The BF said it best when he remarked, "JLo's dress looks it was made out of bubble wrap." Jennifer Lopez look a bit too bridal for my liking especially she's usually raising the bar on awards show fashion (remember that Grammys dress??!).

What were your picks for best dressed and worst dressed? What did you think of the show itself?


miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

I tried to stay up to watch the whole thing, but I failed. I did, however, stay awake long enough to see the outfits and I think you hit the nail on the head. I loved that dress Rachel McAdams was wearing and you're so right, the flowers on Charlize Theron's dress were very strange. The silhouette worked great for her, but I was so distracted by her boobs, haha.

Marie-Ève said...

I love Diane Kruger but thought this dress was a bit unflattering. I didn't get how it cut her body in three and drew attention to where we're naturally largest. She still pulled it off, though.

I agree with the flowers on Charlize Theron's bust, but I saw a picture of her dress a little more from the side, and from that angle with the different color train it looked beautiful. But from the front, weird.

I read that Miley Cyrus was considered a hit this morning, but I disagree. The upper part of her dress looked so tight and seemed to cut through her, not to mention that it made her shoulders and arms look huge (which evidently, isn't really the case).

I was also underwhelmed by Sandra Bullock's and Kate Winslet's dresses. My favorites were Cameron Diaz's and especially Zoe Saldana's.

Look at me having all these opinions this morning! Who am I, the Oscar fashion police? :-)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@missfanypants: Other than the flowers, the dress was very flattering on her....she is so gorgeous so if any can pull off the flower patches, it's her; but I was so distracted. lol.
@Marie-Eve: You are quite a fashion critique....I see a new blog idea for you!! I so agree with you on Miley. And really, can she please stand up straight!!!!

Jennifer said...

I love love loved Demi's dress! As well as Elizabeth Banks.

I love that Rachel McAdams wore Eli - we actually have that dress scheduled to make an apparence on the blog soon!

BEL said...

i loved diane!! she is always my favorite! no one else could have pulled that one off as well! plus, i loved amanda seyfeild (sp?)

very married said...

OH MY GOSH! i said the same thing as you bf!!

also, am i the only person in the world that wasn't impressed by Diane Kruger's Chanel?

honey my heart said...

diane looked so pretty, and i definitely loved rachel mcadams. her look, cameron diaz, and sandra bullock were my favorites last night.

Mo said...

Sandra Bullock fan here! She looked lovely.
I agree, J. Lo and Charlize...goodness. It looked like J. Lo was ready to be shipped somewhere.

NuFlaiir said...

I like Diane Kruger dress, but my favorite was Anna Kendrick's.
I think everybody had the same opinion about Charlize's dress :-).



I adored Diane's Chanel! Totally agree that she can do no wrong!

nd totally laughing about the BFs comment. Isn't it funny to hear what your significant other has to say while watching these things? I torture poor J and made her watch it. For the first time I think she actually enjoyed herself. And her snarkie comments had me rolling on the floor. Such a different take on things :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I totally agree, Rachel McAdams = stunning!

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