Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Withdrawal

Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press via CBC.ca

Me 1, BF 0.

Did you watch the game of all games? 16.6 million Canadians did! The BF and I, along with some friends, congregated around my beautiful flat screen TV to cheer Canada (and the U.S. on). For us Canadians, we HAD to win. After all, it's our game, our home ice, and our ladies had already taken gold two days earlier. Most of all, it was redemption for that shocking loss last Sunday (when I outed the BF as an American at a pub full of angry Canadians). The first goal was brilliant and I totally take credit for it because it was at the exact moment that I had asked the BF to get more lime juice for the guac. Needless to say, the BF did not get lime juice for me again. The second goal made me jump up with glee while the BF huffed and puffed. As the last minute started to tick away on the clock, I prematurely, in my head, started celebrating. Bad idea. Very bad. With 24.4 seconds left, the gold just within our reach, Parise scored. The BF jumped up, and I swore, over and over again at the TV. WTF. Overtime. Sudden death. Crap. Time to start pacing. Honestly, those were THE most stressful minutes of my life. Luckily, Sid the Kid put me out of my misery and scored the winning goal. Thank you Team Canada!

AP Photo/Francois Mori via CBC.ca

For the last two weeks, I've been a skilled coach potato, moguls-speed skating(both long and short track)-figure skating-snow boarding-judge. I cried when Joannie Rochette won her bronze medal, four days after her mother died. I cringed when Lindsey Vonn fell. I marveled at Shaun White's performance. The closing ceremonies started off a bit like High School Musical but ended with some great performances by Neil Young, Nickelback and Alanis Morisette (how great did she look!!) I especially loved the tongue-in-cheek, Vegas style number with Michael Buble. Every Canadian stereotype was paraded into the BC Place, from gigantic inflatable beavers to dozens of dancing Mounties. See world, we can poke fun of ourselves and still be proud to be Canadian!!! Hope you enjoyed the Vancouver Games. Come back soon, eh. :)

Robert Skinner/Canadian Press via CBC.ca

Did you have a favourite Olympic moment?


Lotus said...

I loved your recap- I felt the same way...I am missing the olympics...vancouver did an awesome job at hosting the games!

Leanne said...

I cried literally every time Joannie Rochette was on t.v. It was not good.


That was an amazing game! Even though the US lost, I was really happy for Canada. Totally suspenseful and it just feels like that's how it was supposed to end. Yeah i know i'm probably a bad American. My friends were calling me up asking if I was routing for Canada. lol

Oh and Joannie Rochette was amazing too. What courage!

Thanks for being such great hosts! It was an amazing ride :)

Elie's Papel said...

can't believe they're over! i really enjoyed them!

Marie-Ève said...

That game was *something*, but Joannie will always remain my favorite from these games... We are going through withdrawal a bit too...

Chocolate Lover said...

Its so funny cause it feels like Vancouver is in a bit of a withdrawal period yesterday and today. There was so much life and buzz around here thats it taking some time to get used to not having that.

honey my heart said...

these were great games, i am sad they are over. my favorite moments include: women's figure skating, men's 4 bobsled, men's snowboarding/shaun white, and the opening ceremony. i also love and appreciate the personal stories of each olympian :)

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