Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Real Wedding: Jen and Phil

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I heart The Last Forty Percent. Brianna recently sent me photo candy from this amazing wedding that Ewan shot. One of the reasons I love stalking The Last Forty Percent blog (besides the stunning images) is Brianna's recaps of the weddings. She always has a personal story about the bride and groom, e.g. how they met, how he proposed, an inside joke they share. I love how Brianna (and the rest of the LFP team) gets to know all her clients and writes about them like their personal friends. That is, my friends, is a talent and a great asset in a photography team

Here is a snippet of Brianna's recap for Jen and Phil's wedding:

As she stood in the bridal shop, they both caught her eye. One was traditional. Puffy at the bottom, crinoline-lined and eloquent. The second was sexy. Tight fitting, backless and classy. Both dresses were ‘the dress’ - how would she ever decide? As she stood running her hands over both gowns, she pictured herself in each. She couldn’t leave either behind, and so she bought both. They had both caught her eye and they would both be going home with her.......[I]t’s a good thing that Jen was prepared with two wedding gowns because as usual, the universe found out that she was wearing a special outfit and came at her with full force. She stepped in a mud puddle. She fell down a hill. Yes, you read that right - she fell down a hill in her white gown. And a bird pooped down the front of her dress. Yes, again you read that correctly. She stepped in mud, she fell down a hill and a bird decorated her wedding dress. But she didn’t even flinch because she knew that dress number 2 was waiting patiently to make it’s debut and she had come prepared. The universe would not win today.

To see more photos from this wedding, click here to take you to LFP's blog. Congratulations Jen and Phil!


Mo said...

I love the dandelion idea!! Very sweet prop to the bridal portrait.

Brianna Phelan said...

Thanks Sylvana - what a great way to start the day :)

David Redding said...

Yep Ewen at his finest...love having LFP in London, they help bring the standards of the whole wedding photography community up a notch or two.

SHEILA said...

Love the photography! Great eye and style.

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