Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Heart West Elm.

Having a holiday in the middle of the week is mighty strange. I definitely feel out of sorts today. Hope those of you north of the border had a good Canada Day. To my friends to the south, hope you're lucky enough to get an early start to Independence Day festivities!

I'm happy to say that Phase I of Project Condo is complete. We're moved in, we have most of our furniture purchased, most items have found a home, we even have some decorative items up. I'll post some "Before" and "After" pictures soon.

The BF and I completed Phase I by visiting West Elm. West Elm is fairly new to Canada and the only location is in Toronto (lucky me!). The BF is a fan of the West Elm as our west coast home has many items from the modern store. I know many think it's another 'corporate' or 'big box' store, but that's exactly why I love it. Pardon me PB, you say? You see, for the last month or so, the BF and I have been pounding the pavement, visiting numerous 'independent', 'local' and 'one of a kind' furniture stores in Toronto. We've fallen in love with items that we later find out are completely out of our price range. Items within our price range are back-ordered with no confirmed date of restocking (hello? isn't that just called sold out?). Items within our price range, not back-ordered take at least 2 weeks (if you're lucky) to be delivered (once you pay the exorbitant delivery fees). I never knew it was this difficult to purchase furniture.

This is why I love West Elm. If you see an item you like, all you have to do is tell the lovely salesperson. They then check the stockroom to see if it's available. If it is, you pay, and you get to take the item home. The very same day. Novel isn't it?

We bought a coffee table and a rug from West Elm. Voila.

The best part of the coffee table.........the top slides open revealing more storage space!

Cool non? The perfect place for my nap blankets and pillows. The BF says the sliding top is really so I can slide his food closer to me (I steal his food a lot). Hmm. He may have point. ;)

What's your favourite furniture store? And am I too it worth the wait for quality furniture?



Love the coffee table! And I LOVE West Elm. You can totally get great design at affordable prices.

Margarita said...

I hate waiting for furniture, I hate the price of furniture, but I love expensive over-priced modern furniture.

We adore a lot of independent boutiques (queen st west has a few we like), but our sofa is from roche bobois, and I love klaus by neinkamper, but again, so expensive.

I can always dream though, lol.

Very cute coffee table, it looks great!

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