Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amy Michelson Fall 2010 Toronto Trunk Show

A sensual silhouette with a unique back, soft fabrics cut on a bias - these are the details that let you spot a Amy Michelson gown from a mile away. Amy will be in Toronto attending the first two days of her trunk show at White Toronto. If you're a fan, this is your chance to meet her and get a glimpse of her Fall 2010 collection.

WHEN: Friday, July 24th to Saturday, August 1st

White Toronto
19 Hazelton Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M45 4NI

Call to make an appointment. Space is limited.

To view more from Amy Michelson's collection, visit


BEL said...

fantastic! i was just planning a gown shopping trip in toronto with my best friend. i'm emailing her this link now!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@BEL - Glad I could be of service! Always great to meet a fellow CDN blogger.

BEL said...

one more thing! going to be in southern ontario this summer dress shopping with my friend as i mentioned - do you know of any sample sales or any shops we must hit?


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