Friday, September 10, 2010

September 11th

Tomorrow my dear friend C. is getting married! It’s going to be a wonderful and joyous day for C. her soon-to-be husband, and their family and friends. However, for many people, tomorrow will mark a day of mourning and reflection. Especially if one has a personal connection to the September 11th attacks. When I mention to my American friends and family that I am attending a wedding tomorrow, they raise an eyebrow. My response is that for many Canadians and nationals outside of the U.S., September 11th holds no personal significance. While they acknowledge the tragedy that occurred on that day and sympathize with those who lost loved ones, the day is no different than any other day of remembrance, e.g. Memorial Day, Remembrance Day.

Some would argue that the attacks were an attack on the Western world not just the U.S. A lot of people stated when I asked whether they would marry on September 11 or any other day of memorial stated they just wouldn’t want the “bad karma” or “bad joo joo.” However, some people responded that if you took out every day of remembrance or bad event anniversary in the calendar, there would be very few days left to commemorate a marriage. Also, as time goes on, such bad event anniversaries tend to lose their taboo – e.g. I’m pretty sure couples have no issue with December 7, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour.

September 11 is significant to me as I remember the frantic hours I spent trying to find my relatives in NYC and praying for their safety. Combined this with the BF being American, it’s highly doubtful we would pick September 11 as a wedding date if it landed on a weekend.

For those of you who were personally affected by the September 11 attacks, my thoughts are with you.


Krista said...

I respectively disagree with part of your post, and whole-heartedly agree with part of your post.

I think to many Canadians, we were as touched as many Americans. Many people died, and there is no personal connection, but most Americans don't have a personal connection either. There were Canadians who died that day. And many Canadians opened their homes - literally - to affected Americans when countless flights bound for the U.S. were redirected to Canada. I honour this day as it affected me wholly.

But I respect your opinion. I respect that for you, and for many people, that this is just a day - like Remembrance Day (Veterans' Day in the U.S.) or the American holiday Memorial Day. A day to honour those who lost their lives, but not a day with a personal connection.

I can argue the same is true of my husband and me. We were married on D-Day - in fact the 65th anniversary of D-Day, a hallowed and sacred day to Canadians, Americans, Britons, the French, and all Allies.

I don't believe there is any bad kharma with today. A very sweet little girl I know was born today - in fact, she is celebrating her 9th birthday today. Yes, she was born on 9/11, just an hour before the first plane hit. She has no bad kharma.

I agree, when you pick a wedding day, you can't avoid all days on which something bad happened.

Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

I recently wrote a post about having a wedding on September 11th that resulted in a lively discussion.

If you have time please check it out ... Thanks!

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