Monday, September 13, 2010

C is Married!

I think I've finally recovered from C's wedding on Saturday. It was a long day yet it went by so fast. I'm sure you brides and bridesmaids out there understand what I'm talking about. You wake up so early and can't even imagine lasting past 8pm, and the next thing you know it's 2:30am. Pure adrenaline.

The weather was gorgeous - sunny but not too hot. The day went pretty smoothly. The Catholic ceremony was traditional, however it lasted maybe 30-45 mins . It was the first time that I actually teared up during a wedding ceremony. Though C and A were saying traditional vows, there was something so touching about how they looked at each other. Very genuine. I think I got teary eyed because I briefly caught a glimpse of C, the 14 year teenager I met in high school in computer studies class, and then realized that teen-aged girl was now a gorgeous bride.

Above is a shot of C's Pronovias dress before she put it on. It's probably the same view C has when she woke up Saturday morning.

Congrats C & A!



Holy wow that dress is gorgeous!!! Makes me want to do it again but with someone else footing the bill :)

Hope you are well, sweetie! Is it getting fall like near you yet?

honey my heart said...

you described their vows so wonderfully. and that dress is so pretty!!

very married said...

how lovely.

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