Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Dressed at the Grammys

The Grammys is touted as 'the biggest event' in the industry I work in. Unfortunately, the last few years, it's been a bit lackluster. Every year I say I'm not going to watch but every year I tune in, just so I'm lost during the water cooler conversations at work the next day. I tuned in Sunday night, on breaks from Brothers & Sisters (love that show). Here's a quick summary of my thoughts:

-Lady GaGa rocks - she can sing, she can write, she can design, and she can truly ENTERTAIN
-Pink sang upside down, twirling from a piece of fabric, all in a wet, nude body suit. Need I say more?
- Beyonce covering Alanis. Awesome.
- Oh Taylor Swift. Yes, she's America's sweetheart. And yes she can song write (which many top selling artists can't do), but she can't sing. Well, she can sing, but off-key.
- Didn't understand Jamie Foxx's performance though it was cool to see Slash.
-Taylor Swift won over GaGa? WTF.

The one thing I do love about the Grammys is the fashion. It's less about elegance and old Hollywood, and more about funky, outrageous and avant garde.

My favourite of the evening - Rihanna. Fun, flirty and feathery. Love it.

Who's outfit was your favourite?



i so agree with everything you said!!! And I was sad Gaga didn't win more. Loved her duet with EJ too.

As far as outfits besides Rhianna I also liked Pink, Fergie looked amazing and I never ever thought I'd say that, Jennifer Hudson looked great & Lea Michele's dress was so fun & flirty. Really want that one!

very married said...

i looove lady gaga. but i'm torn about her outfits. sometimes they're hot and sometimes it's just weird....

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