Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Raining Babies!

As you all know, my cousin D is having a baby and a couple of weeks ago, I helped throw a baby shower for her. We decided to have the shower at the Chado Tea Room in Pasadena, CA. The staff at Chado Tea Room were great. So friendly and helpful. Here are a few pics from the shower.

Chado has over 300 varieties of tea. We were lucky enough to try quite a few flavours including White Champagne Raspberry, Chocolate Mint and Ginger Peach. Some of us even bought some to take home!

Remember the baby graphic the BF's partner whipped up for the invitations? Well, I also incorporated it into the favours and the 'shower game kits.'

I bought the favour circle stickers from Michael's. They came with a printing template which made printing super easy. The ribbon is also from Michael's.

The 'shower game kit' was an envelope that came with three games: 1) Baby Scramble (i.e. Jumble with baby words); 2) Dirty Diaper (more on that later); and 3) TV Kids Trivia.

How cute is this floral centrepiece? Love the glass baby block vase. We had two of these at the table.

The afternoon tea menu at Chado is delicious! Sandwiches included smoked chicken with cranberry sauce, cucumber with cream cheese and green onions, and smoked salmon. Each tea rack came with freshly baked scones with fresh cream, fresh berries and jams. Since we had ordered a cake from Vanilla Bake Shop for D, we decided to skip Chado's usual slice of cake and opted for chocolate dipped strawberries.

After gorging ourselves on the yummy food, we opened up the 'shower game kit' and got started on the games. The 'Baby Scramble' and 'TV Kids Trivia' were pretty straightforward. 'Dirty Diaper' was probably the most disgusting yet fun game. The night before the shower, the BF and I bought a handful of chocolate bars and melted them in diapers. Yep, super gross. At the shower, each diaper were passed around and the guests had to guess what chocolate bar was melted in the diaper.

After the games, the Vanilla Lemon Berry cake from Vanilla Bake Shop was brought out. All I can say is the cake was 9 inches round of pure heaven.

D elected not to open gifts at the shower since we really didn't have the space and D didn't want to subject her guests to an endless barrage of onesies.

However, I had to share a pic of one of the adorable gifts she received. One of D's friend made her this amazing onesies/socks/shoes tiered 'cake' as a gift. Cute non?

D and her guests had such a great time. I highly recommend Chado Tea Room for any type of shower or maybe for a 'ladies' luncheon.' ;)

Do you heart afternoon/high tea as much I do?


Chocolate Lover said...

That looks like a great time! I love afternoon tea too! Recently there was a chocolate "fair" in Vancouver, and one of the events we could go to was afternoon tea at a chocolate cafe. It was super great!

BEL said...

what a great shower! we're throwing one for my friend over Christmas break and I'm so excited!

Marie-Ève said...

Adorable! That's a BIG shower... Everything looked perfect, good job...

honey my heart said...

looks so amazing. the little details, food, and all the tea choices, wow! i also love the game w/ the diaper because it's just so funny. so much adorableness in one party :)


OMG what a great shower! I don't think I've ever seen one more amazing. no joke! every detail was great.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Seriously too cute! The tea sounds amazing and the snacks...yum.

Brianna Phelan said...

The afternoon tea looks so cool. I want some now :) Looks like a fun day!

New Mexican Bride said...

Looks like so much fun! Very nice!

Mo said...

It looked like so much fun! Look at all those tea towers, I love tea places. =)
You did a fab job, and that cake looks amazing.

trishiekoh said...

What a fab party! It's raining babies on my end too but none of our parties are quite as spectacular.

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