Monday, September 21, 2009

My Favourite Emmy Frocks

Did you watch? Did you not LOVE Barney, er, Neil Patrick Harris as the host? What did you think of the fashion?

These were my favourite dresses from the night:

Leighton Meester wore something very non-Blair but I love it. So Grecian goddess. I love the shoulder detail. And her waist looks so ity-bity.
via Popsugar

Mary-Louise Parker looks amazing in this cute and sassy (and purple, my favourite colour!) dress. It's nice when the ladies forgo the gowns for sexy cocktail dresses.
via People

My least favourite dress was Hayden Panetierre's. Is it me or is that red just a tad off? And the hair seems so...stiff. I guess since Hayden is only 20, I was expecting a dress that was fun and flirty, less beauty queen-esque.

via People

What were you faves?


honey my heart said...

love leighton and love olivia wilde :)

Lena! said...

Definitely loved the non-Blair Leighton!

The Marry Melodies said...

That was last night?! so sad I missed that.. : ( said...

I love strapless, yellow, and aline dresses, so I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress was perfect! :)

Brianna Phelan said...

I didn't watch - boooo :(

Bridechka said...

Loved these too! Mary Louise Parker's is sooooo cute.

Children of the 90s said...

I feel like Hayden's dress has a little bit of a Miley Cyrus or Ali Lohan effeect in making her look way, way older than she is!

Brandy said...

Hayden's dress is off. It looks like it could be really stunning on the right person with the right hair and makeup up the whole combo is just wrong.
I lurve Mary Louise's dress though...mmm purple!

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