Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wedding Shower on Mother's Day?

Happy Mother's Day to my fabulous mommy and to all of you who are being honoured today!

My friend KT is attending a wedding shower tea this afternoon. Poor scheduling by the host, no? Luckily, KT's mother was invited too. I wonder how many guests will show up.

What would you do?

1) Politely decline and spend the day with the woman who makes me soup when I'm sick.


2) Attend the shower, and spend time with my mother before/after the shower.


Tamar said...

It would depend on the location. I live far from my mom, so I won't see her on mother's day. If my friend's shower was in town it would be a moot point. But Mother's Day celebrations tend to be around brunch, so it might be nice for them to do their mother-daughter bonding time in setting up the shower, and then friends can join later on after they spend time with their moms.


Oooh that is poor timing. I would probably have attended the shower anyway and spent time with my mom before of after depending on the time.

Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

Suzanne Casamento said...

That's a tuffy. Like Tamar, I live far from my mom so I probably wouldn't have an opportunity to be with her on Mother's day. Therefore I'd attend.

But if I did live in the same city as Mom and the shower was there, Mom would win. I don't care who the bad planner is. ; )

Mo said...

Ohh...that is bad timing.
Well, I live far from my Mom so if I had a shower to go to nearby I would go. I would probably try and do something with my Mom in the morning before going to the shower if I lived in the same town.

very married said...

I think I'd ask my mom what she thought of the whole situation. I imagine she wouldn't be too upset if I stepped out for a couple hours. And if she were going to the event too? I definitely think she'd be okay with it. Buuut, i think you're right. Bad timing.

honey my heart said...

that would be such a difficult decision! i would attend the shower anyway and spent time with my mom before of after depending on the time.

The Marry Melodies said...

hmmm that's tricky.. we're having the same dilemma for father's day actually.. our friends are getting married the day before fathers day and have decided to host a brunch on the sunday.. it's actually a triple whammy for us.. at first we thought it was in poor taste.. and then we remembered that my brother and sister inlaw did the exact same thing 4 years ago the day after their wedding, fathers day.. sometimes you just don't realize what date things are scheduled on.. just got to deal with it as i comes I guess

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Hmmm that is tricky. I would say that you would love to attned then shower, but may need to leave slighly early for Mother's day plans.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Hmmm...that's interesting. If I were to throw a bridal shower on Mother's Day, I would ask every guest to bring their mother with them...what a wonderful way to celebrate the day. :) Otherwise, not sure if I would go...or I'd have to pull double duty with the shower at one time and a breakfast or dinner with Mom around it.

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