Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Friday the 13th "I Do" - Jessica and Nick

"There were black and white striped stockings. A black cape. Leather flowers. Black eyeliner. And black and white pinstriped boots. It wasn’t traditional. It wasn’t the norm. But it was perfectly them. It was the story of Jessica and Nick. Exactly as they wanted to tell it."

I don't think I could describe Jessica and Nick's wedding any better than Brianna (of The Last Forty Percent Photography) already has. When LFP posted photos from this funky wedding earlier this week, I immediately contacted Brianna to see if I could re-post the pics. I even bugged Brianna into passing along questions to Jessica. (Thanks Brianna!). Lucky for you and I, Jessica graciously answered my many questions and even provided more photo candy from her 'unusual' Friday the 13th wedding.

You're probably wondering why Jessica and Nick picked Friday the 13th. Jessica tells me there were a few reasons why they wed on such na "ominous'" date. 1) During their first year of dating, in lieu of celebrating their first Valentine's Day together, Jessica and Nick, neither believers in the 'Hallmark' holiday, decided to celebrate the Friday, February 13th instead. 2) Jessica found amazing vendor discounts for a Friday in November (both an 'off' day and an 'off' month for weddings in Ontario, Canada) and surprise, surprise, there weren't a lot of other couples sealing the deal on their selected date. 3) Jessica and Nick wanted throw an event that none of their families and friends had seen before, and that 'strange' can be fun. So this is how Jessica and Nick ended throwing a Victorian/Gothic/Rock n' Roll inspired-wedding on Friday the 13th.

Getting Ready

If you haven't figured it out already, Jessica isn't your typical bride. She may have donned a white wedding gown on her big day but she made sure there were bursts of her personality peeking through, such as her striped stockings and matching platform shoes. Not totally satisfied with her wedding gown, Jessica had the original sash removed and replaced with a black one adorned with a brooch she had found.

Not wanting to spend money on fresh flowers that would eventually die, and looking for a way to incorporate leather into her ensemble, Jessica turned to The English Rose Company in the UK to create this amazing leather rose bouquet. A matching boutonniere was also made for Nick.

The First Look
Ewan Phelan is a genius for perfectly capturing these below intimate moments.

The Bridal Party

Stay tuned for photos from Jessica and Nick's ceremony & reception at Bellamere Winery (London, Ontario) as well as some 'behind the scenes' photos from Jessica herself!

All photos by The Last Forty Percent Photography


honey my heart said...

what a great couple. i really like the story about how they chose the 13th :) so sweet. and the details: leather roses, stripe socks... love.

Brianna Phelan said...

We really loved working with this couple. They were awesome and so much fun. Love when couples bring something exciting to the table :)

sony said...

I love the bouquet!

Brenda said...

I knew from the first minute meeting Nick & Jess that their wedding would be awesome. Great couple and they share a very deep love. Congrats!

Louise said...

I loved making Jessica's leather rose bouquet for her. She sent me a photo of a bouquet that she liked, and I copied it for her in leather.
It took me about a week to create and comprises 13 (as requested) individually made blood red leather roses and about 30 black wired leather leaves.

Kristin said...

Her bouquet is so cool an different!

BEL said...

love it - how original!

Jessica - The Bride said...

I hope that my wedding can inspire other brides to take their lifestyles and include them in their big day. Just because its a wedding doesn't mean you should compromise and conform.
I'm so excited to read all of the wonderful comments people are leaving!


this girl rocks!!! love the wedding :)

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