Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She's Crafty.

via Wedding Bells

Meet Lisa (a friend of a good friend of mine). She's one of the finalists in Wedding Bells Blogger Search under the "Alternative" category. Lisa isn't your typical bride. Her engagement ring is not a diamond ring. She's having a Man of Honour stand beside her on her big day. Lisa is planning a vintage/rock 'n roll "marriage party" at a rowing club in Toronto. Best all of, Lisa is DIYing everything she can (invites, decor etc.). Intrigued? Well, in order to hear more about Lisa's wedding plans and DIY projects, we have to make sure she wins the contest! Click here and vote for Lisa now. You do have to register with Wedding Bells in order to vote but it will only take a few minutes and it would mean the world to me and Lisa! You can vote everyday until October 16th! Thank you.

p.s. You can also read about and vote for other
blogger finalists in other categories.


alishaneva said...

Vote in - sounds awesome! Good luck to Lisa!!

alishaneva said...

Okay, I lied ... I got told I had to register or login to vote ... which wouldn't be a problem if I had a valid postal code ... it won't accept my zipcode in any form ... *tear* because Lisa seems really cool!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

@alishaenva - you are way too sweet!! if you want to use my postal code, here it is M5V 3R8. Lisa and I thank you!!

lisaclapperton said...

Thanks for voting everyone!
Only 2 days left to vote (polls close Friday at 5pm)
Thanks xox

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